Look What's New With Do More Blue

Beginning on Monday, July 2, 2012, City of Tucson Recycling Collections are now taken to a new, state-of-the-art recycling facility located at Ajo and Alvernon. The new facility is able to sort and market a greater variety of materials which means recycling is easier than ever, especially plastics.

City of Tucson Environmental Services has entered into a contract with ReCommunity Recycling to process and market the recyclables collected by the City from Tucson residents and business customers. The new facility will use a combination of sorting machines, including optical sorting to make the process easier and more efficient. Optical sorting can determine the type of material being processed so that it is correctly sorted resulting in less contamination and the capture of more materials.

For Tucson residents, the biggest change is that there is less confusion about which plastics are recyclable. If it is a plastic container, it goes in the blue barrel. According to Fran LaSala, Waste Diversion Manager, "Our customers will be able to recycle a much greater amount of the plastics used in their homes and businesses. No looking at the numbers—if it’s a plastic container, it’s recyclable. For years, customers have asked us to take more plastics especially things like yogurt containers and butter tubs. We’re happy to say we are now able to take those and more."

Residents received a copy of the new list of recyclables in their July 2012 water bill. More information is available on the web at TucsonRecycles.org or by calling the Recycle InfoLine at 791-5000.

Download a PDF flyer of the new Blue.