Recycle Tucson

City of Tucson Recycling Banner with trash in background. No plastic bags icon. Leave your items loose in the bin. Empty and rinse all containers. When in doubt, throw it out.

Header, Please put the following listed items in your blue bin

Plastic. LInks to more info about plastic recyclingPaper. Links to more info on recycling paperMetal. Links to more info on recycling metalCardboard. Links to more info on recycling cardboard

Header reads Do not put these items in the Blue Recycling Bin

No recycling for plastic bagsNo recycling for food or liquid

No recycling for plastic bags or wrapsNo recycling for tanglers, cords, wires, etc.

Alternative recycling options header

Glass recycling bin with text Take glass to the purple container. Links to more info on glass recyclingHouseholde hazardous waste items including detergents, gasoline, paint. links to more info


Not sure if it can go in your Blue Barrel? Use the Recycle Coach app to find the best place for all your unwanted stuff.

Put loose recyclables in your Blue Barrel to be picked up every other week. Not sure of your collection day? Go to our interactive map and type in your address for your recycling collection dates.

Guidelines for Blue Barrel Recycling

  • No plastic grocery bags or film (find out why)
  • No glass (instead take glass bottles and jars to glass drop-off site
  • No garbage
  • Please make sure materials are clean, empty, and dry
  • Set out your blue barrel for collection when it is more than half full to decrease fuel consumption and air pollution
  • Have barrel at curb by 6 a.m. to ensure service
  • Leave labels on containers
  • Bottle and jar caps and lids can be recycled, but should be left on the container
  • Lightly rinse food containers. Use water wisely - throw very dirty items into the garbage
  • All recyclables go loose into the blue barrel, together - - no sorting! Please put them in individually, not inside a box or bag
  • Do not flatten cans and bottles to ensure sorting equipment works properly
  • Cut or flatten corrugated cardboard boxes to fit in container. Remove plastic wrapping and liners

Thanks for saving resources, energy and landfill space by Doing More Blue.

Recycling Service Schedule

Each pick-up day has been divided into A WEEK and B WEEK. To help provide a smooth transition, service maps have been developed in an effort to easily identify service boundaries. Properties north of a major roadway will be serviced during "A" service weeks and properties south of the identifying roadway will be serviced during "B" service weeks. 

What's my schedule?

You can view the service areas by day and week and type in your address to find your specific collection through our interactive story map. Print calendar and map.



Neighborhood Recycling Centers

The City of Tucson has seven Neighborhood Recycling Centers where residents can drop off any materials accepted in the Blue Barrel. These centers provide an additional option for times you may generate more recyclables than normal. These are also available to residents who live in multi-family apartment or townhome communities that do not have regular recycling collections.