Special Handling


Special Handling charges are $42 per ton (minimum $75) and are required for disposal of waste that requires additional operational efforts for proper disposal. Examples of waste that requires special handling include: 


Click here to complete a Waste Disposal Request for non-municipal waste. If you have any questions regarding our acceptance process, please contact the Waste Acceptance Coordinator at 520-240-2491 or email WasteDisposal@tucsonaz.gov.

Disposal of the waste cannot take place unless written approval by the Los Reales Landfill has been granted to the generator or their designated representative. Once the waste is approved for disposal, a signed approval will be emailed to the original requestor.

Federal, State, and local regulations require municipal solid waste landfill facilities (MSWLF) to implement a program to prevent the disposal of regulated materials. The following is a partial list of non-municipal waste materials that cannot be accepted for land disposal at Los Reales Landfill:

  • Non-residential bio-hazardous medical waste
  • Non-residential discarded drugs or from a home collection event 
  • Regulated radioactive waste, including Tritium signs
  • Compressed gas cylinders/containers 
  • Friable asbestos
  • Bulk liquids 
  • Regulated PCBs
  • Motor vehicles 

Other non-municipal wastes generated through an industrial/manufacturing/business process or from a remediation/clean-up may qualify for disposal at Los Reales Landfill, but first must undergo a characterization, using process knowledge and/or proper sample analyses based on EPA approved guidelines. Additionally, the State of Arizona regulates petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) and auto shredder fluff (ASF) under the "Special Waste" regulations found in the Arizona Administrative Code Title 18, Chapters 13, Articles 13 and 16.  PCS and ASF must be characterized properly to determine what regulatory disposal regulations apply.

Clean Fill (Earthen Material) 

Clean Fill is soil type material that is not contaminated with glass, plastic, paper, wood, or metal. It may contain small amounts of organic material that, when compacted, is not visible. It may contain up to 20% (by volume) of rock, gravel, concrete, or asphalt material (inert materials) that are no longer than 12". Clean fill from off-site may be accepted if the generator and/or hauler certifies that the soils are not CONTAMINATED or from a remediation project. Clean fill that can be productively used by the landfill may be accepted at no charge if there is a minimum of 100 tons or cubic yards delivered per day. Small deliveries of clean fill (less than 100 tons or cubic yards) will be charged the commercial disposal rate. 


HHW Accepted At Los Reales