Environmental Management Support Services

eCATS (Electronic Compliance Assistance and Technical Support)

GISEnvironmental Services Engineering & Technical Support (ES/E&TS) has developed a stand alone Geographic Information System (GIS)-based database for tracking the City's environmental permits. This environmental management system (eCATS) went online in June 2000. It is currently being used to track City permits for wastewater, groundwater, air quality, chemical inventories, and environmental site assessments.

Tier II Chemical Inventory

Chemical InventoryUnder the EPA's Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986, the City of Tucson is required to submit hazardous chemical inventory reports annually to the State Emergency Response Commission. ES/E&TS is the focal point for all City facilities required to submit an inventory (known as a Tier II form). ES/E&TS assists City departments in maintaining records and reporting to the State.

Air Quality Permitting

Air QualityES/E&TS assists City departments with Pima County Air Quality Code compliance. All City facilities are required to observe the regulations set forth in the Pima County Air Quality Code, Title 17. All permitted City of Tucson facilities submit annual air emission inventory forms and self-certification compliance forms, and keep records of products that have the potential to impact air quality.

Although only twelve City facilities are required to maintain an air quality permit, the City of Tucson also takes measures to insure that air quality is not affected by City operations which do not require an air permit. For example, the City uses water trucks in daily operations to control dust while also properly maintaining all fuel operated equipment.

Environmental Site Assessments

Site AssessmentWhen the City purchases property or changes the use of property already owned, an environmental site assessment (ESA) must be performed in order to determine if that property is environmentally safe for the intended use. ES/E&TS coordinates these ESAs, and then determines if further investigation or remedial action is required. In this way, ES/E&TS helps to limit the City's environmental liability.

Environmental Management Program (EMP)

The EMP is a pro-active, comprehensive and collaborative incident management plan that provides all departments with a standardized system to address environmental issues. The management plan includes aspects that: 1) identify assigned authority and responsibilities, 2) create environmental training for EMP and City staff members, and 3) maintains an inter-departmental communications plan for environmental incidents (Administrative Directive 8.01-1, Environmental Incident Notification Procedure).

Multi-Agency Inspection Teams (MAITS)

Inspection TeamsES/E&TS, along with other City divisions, participates in weekly multi-agency inspections of City facilities. The purpose of these inspections is to assist City departments in complying with environmental, health, and safety regulations.