Underground Storage Tanks

The City of Tucson operates multiple fueling facilities to support the fleet of City owned cars, trucks and buses. Most of these sites store their fuel in above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) or underground storage tanks (USTs). Over decades of operation, some of these facilities, like gasoline stations in the private sector, have experienced leaks, or loses of fuel (gasoline and diesel). When a facility with underground storage tank(s) leaks fuel, it becomes know as a Leaking UST or “LUST” site.

Spills or leaks of these fuels are regulated by federal, state, and local laws. When a City-owned fueling facility leaks, the City must comply with all applicable regulations, and clean up any soil and groundwater at the site that has been contaminated by the leaks. The City is currently cleaning up soil and groundwater at two LUST sites; the Thomas O. Price Service Center and the Police and Fire Department Headquarters Fuel Island. The Price Service Center UST systems were removed in the early 1990s and replaced with modern AST systems. The UST fuel system at the Police and Fire Department Headquarters site was removed in the 1993 and was not replaced.

Over the last two decades, the City has been systematically removing UST fuel systems and either eliminating them, or replacing them with state-of-the-art AST systems if necessary. Modern AST systems have extensive inventory monitoring and leak detection capabilities. The few remaining City-owned UST systems are being scheduled for removal in the near future.

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