Business License Downloads - Understanding the Files

The weekly and quarterly business license files are ACII fixed field text files. The record length is 175 - 176 characters. Record layout is shown below:

Field Description Start End Length
Business Name 1 60 60
Start Date 61 68 8
License Type 69 71 3
Activity Code 1 72 73 2
Activity Code 2 74 75 2
Activity Code 3 76 77 2
NAICS Code 78 83 6
Owner Type 84 86 3
Street Number 87 92 6
Street Direction 93 94 2
Street Name 95 114 20
Street Suffix 115 118 4
Suite/Apt No. 119 138 20
City 139 153 15
State 154 155 2
Zip Code 156 164 9
Phone 165 174 10
N or U or Q 175 176 1

The address provided is the business mailing address. NAICS code information can be found at In the weekly files, an N in the last field denotes a new license; a U denotes an updated license. In the quarterly file, a Q in the last field denotes quarterly. The charts below give descriptions for license type, activity codes, and owner type.

License Type:

AAL Alarm Agent
ACH Adult Care Homes and Facilities
AEE Adult Entertainment Enterprises and Establishments
AEI Adult Entertainer - Independent
AEM Adult Entertainment Employee
AEU Adult Entertainer
AUA Auctioneer Class A
AUB Auctioneer Class B
AUH Auction House
DHE Dance Hall--Single Event
DHL Dance Halls
DVI Drive-In Restaurants
ESB Escort Bureaus
ESC Escorts
FTL Fortunetellers
GOB Fire sale; going out of business
ICT Ice Cream Truck Vendors
L01 Distiller's License
L02 Brewer's License
L03 Winer's License
L05 Government License
L06 On Sale All Liquor
L07 On Sale Beer & Wine
L09 Off Sale Retailer All Liq
L10 Off Sale Retailer Beer & Wine
L11 Hotel/Motel License--All liquor
L12 Restaurant--All liquor
L14 Club License - All Liquor
L17 Governmental License--serve/sell liquor on special premises
L18 Liquor--Special Event
LEP Liquor--Extension of Premises
MAE Massage Establishments
PAB Primary Alarm Business
PAW Pawnbrokers & Secondhand Dealers
PED Peddlers
PLL Privilege License License
PLN Non Profit Business
PLT Privilege License Tax
PRT Promoter
RAB Reciprocal Alarm Business
SCP Scrap Dealer
SML Swap Meets
SVL Service License (Occupational)
TOB Retail Tobacco Sales
VMD Vending Machine Distributor
VMT Vending Machine Operator Machines

Activity Codes:

1 Transportation
2 Timbering/Extraction
3 Mining
4 Utilities
5 Communications
6 RR/Aircraft
9 Publishing
10 Job Printing
11 Restaurants
12 Amusements
13 Real Property Rentals
14 Personal Property Rentals
15 Construction Contracting
16 Manufactured Buildings
17 Retail Sales
18 Transient Rentals
19 Swap Meet Proprietors
20 Public Utilities
22 # of Taxable Rooms
25 Contracting Rio Nuevo
30 Public Utilities 2
31 Peddler-Food
37 Peddler-Variety
98 Use Tax
99 Use Tax

Owner Type:

CRP Corporation
GEN General Partnership
EST Estate
TRT Trust
REC Receivership
UNK Unknown
LLP Ltd Liab Partnership
LLL Ltd Liab Ltd Partnership
LTD Limited Partnership
PRT Partnership
LMC Local Municipality
LLC Limited Liability Company
JVT Joint Venture
MAR Married
SOL Sole Proprietorship
NPC Non-Profit Corporation
OTH Other
SAZ State of Arizona
PCY Pima County
COT City of Tucson