Adopt-A-School Program

The Adopt-A-School Fire and Burn Prevention Program serves third grade students attending public, charter, private and religious schools throughout the City of Tucson. Through this program students are taught basic fire prevention and emergency preparedness strategies and are given the opportunity to work with firefighters. Classrooms that participate receive a week-long standards-based curriculum designed to teach children fire and burn prevention through language arts activities. The three components of the program are as follows:

  • Classroom Visit: TFD educators provide an hour long fire and burn prevention presentation to third grade classrooms.
  • Fire & Burn Prevention Curriculum: Classrooms are provided a week-long, standards-based, language arts thematic unit that teaches children about fire and burn prevention and emergency preparedness.
  • Safety Day Visit:  Students practice a fire drill/home escape scenario inside the fire safety trailer and work with Tucson firefighters, getting a close-up of the engine, tools, and turnouts. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to ask questions and interact with first responders in a non-emergency situation.


Adopt-A-School Curriculum

Teachers Guide Book   PDF                   Common Core Crosswalk

Student Handbook  PDF



      Adopt-A-School Program - fire safety trailer - students practice an escape plan.       Engine 17 at Adopt-A-School - students get to see the engine and tools up close, learning about what it takes to be a firefighter.      Firefighter in turnouts      Engine display