Technical Rescue Team (TRT)

TRT has the responsibility to respond to and proficiently perform technical rescues.

The types of rescues may include but are not limited to:

Trench Rescue
Swift Water Rescue
Technical Rope Rescue
Confined Space Rescue
Structural Collapse Rescue
Extrication of victims from automobiles, aircraft, trains, buses, etc.

Since 1986, the crews of Engine 10 and Ladder 10 on all three shifts have had the responsibilites of performing special rescues.

In 1986, trench rescue equipment and training was provided to Station 10 personnel. In 1988, Station 10 members converted an old ladder truck into a heavy rescue vehicle at very little cost to the City of Tucson. To this day Heavy Rescue 10 is used to transport vital life saving rescue equipment to emergency scenes.

In 1989, equipment for swift water rescues was put on Heavy Rescue 10. Twelve Station 10 personnel became Swift Water Rescue I Technicians. In 1991, Station 10 personnel were given training in Rope Rescue I and II. Rope rescue equipment was then placed on Heavy Rescue 10. In 1994, Technical Rescue Team members were given training in confined space rescue up to the technical level and the equipment to perform these rescues by OSHA standards was provided. In 1995, members were given training in structural collapse rescue.

Presently all members of the Technical Rescue Team hold certification in the following:

Rope Rescue I - 20 hours
Rope Rescue II - 16 hours
Swift Water Rescue I - 20 hours
Confined Space Rescue:
Awareness Level - 8 hours
Operational Level - 20 hours
Technical Level - 16 hours
Trench Rescue - 16 hours
Structural Collapse Rescue - 20 hours

Much of this training required that personnel attend on their own time without compensation.

There are thirty three Firefighters assigned to the Technical Rescue Team, eleven on each of the three shifts. The team and its equipment are housed at Fire Station #4 located at 2102 N. Dragoon Street. The Technical Rescue Team has three Captains and one Battalion Chief that are State of Arizona certified instructors in Rope Rescue I, Rope Rescue II, and Swift Water Rescue.

They have trained and certified new members of the Technical Rescue Team. They were also involved in the Swift Water Rescue Technician training of all the crew members of Engine 8, Ladder 5, and Tower 16. These crews are responsible for areas of the city that are near the Rillito River and the Tanque Verde Wash. All of these instructors have represented the Tucson Fire Department in a favorable way while teaching other Fire and Rescue Departments throughout the State.

The Technical Rescue Team has taken on the extra work of training the remainder of the Fire Department in the following technical rescue related classes:

Emergency Rappeling - 8 hour class taught for Semi-Annual Drill in 1993.
Confined Space Rescue - Awareness Level - 8 hour class taught for Semi-Annual Drill in 1995. The objective of this class was to educate Fire Department personnel on the new OSHA law regarding Confined Space Rescue techniques and safety.
Auto Extrication - 4 hour class taught for Semi-Annual Drill in 1995.
Swift Water Rescue - taught for Semi-Annual Drill in 1996.
T.R.T. Equipment Review - taught at C.E. (Continuing Education) Class during 1996.