Geographic Information Systems Services


About GIS Serivces at the City of Tucson

GIS Services at the City of Tucson are housed in the department of Information Technology.  This central location enables us to assist all departments across the City collect, analyze, and communicate their geographic data for internal and public use.  Our core operations include maintaining a central data repository, publishing interactive web maps, and providing technical support for GIS-related applications and content.  We administer all City GIS software, establish data and metadata standards, and assist departments in mapping and analysis for their business needs. 

If you have a GIS project or application that you would like help with, GIS Services is a great place to start.  Reach us at

Some tasks that we regularly assist our customers with include:

  • Administering and trouble-shooting GIS desktop and web applications
  • Collecting, editing, and maintaining GIS data
  • Making maps for print or web
  • Developing web applications and websites to streamline workflows or communicate with the public
  • Connecting City employees to our large repository of geographic data
  • Providing Open Data to the public
  • Training new users in our all-in-one web GIS application, Map Tucson


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