GIS Cooperative Presentations


UA MS-GIST Kick-Off and Reunion - Chris Lukinbeal (1/12/18)

Rapid Expansion of an Introduced Grass, Lehmann Lovegrass, to the Sonoran Desert in the United States - Rob Hastings (1/12/18)

Building a Web Application and Land Navigation Course to Help Develop Military-Relavant Informal GIS Education - Alex Ruff (1/12/18)

Capability/Suitability Model of Flooding and Ponding and the Decomposition of Human Remains in Pima and Santa Cruz Counties, AZ - Clarissa Sarabia (1/12/18)

Climate Landscape Response (CLaRe) Phenometrics in Southern Arizona using PRISM and MODIS Data to Identify Nascent Populations of Buffelgrass - Devesh Khosla (1/12/18)

GIS for Resurfacing Roads and Pavement Management and Maintenance - Abdo Abdelrasoul (2/9/18)

ArcGIS Pro Tips and Tricks: A Discussion with Audience Participation - Johanna Kraus (2/9/18)

Pima County's Parcel Fabric: How will this impact PAREGION? - Jack Avis (2/9/18)

ArcGIS Maps for Office - Cody Cohn (3/9/18)

PAG Transportation Network Data Portal's Enhanced Project Performance Assessment Reporting - Josh Pope (3/9/18)

Creating GeoSpatial Portals using Open-Source Software Stacks in a Cloud Environment - Ben Sher (5/11/18)

Mobile Government, Crucial Conversations - Jim Long (5/11/18)

Assessing Classification Accuracy - Rob Davis (5/11/18)



Silica Deposits and Mars: Using Curiosity Rover Data to Create a Hydrology Model in the Gale Crater - Kathleen Markham (1/13/17)

Modeling the Hillside Development Overlay Zone: Balancing Development and Mountainside Protection in the Urban Core of Pima County, Arizona - Chloe Jackson (1/13/17)

UA GIST Kick Off and Alumni Reunion - Chris Lukinbeal (1/13/17)

Using ArcGIS Online to Manage Community Risk - Jim Long (2/10/17)

Assessing the Spatial Accuracy of Wireless E911 in Tucson, Arizona - Alex Gerrish (2/10/17)

Public Engagement through Data: Highlights of a Distracted-Driving Data Conversion between the Tucson Police Department and the Public - Sgt. Matt Faulk and Peter Johnson (2/10/17)

Esri Dev Summit: Roads and Highways - Ray Brice (4/14/17)

Esri Dev Summit: ArcGIS Enterprise - Vernon Woods (4/14/17)

Antelope Jackrabbit Distribution in the Altar Valley - Rob Davis (4/14/17)

Work Progress using GIS - Liz Macias (4/14/17)

Using Portal and WebApp Builder to Streamline Inspections at Tucson Water - Scott Shenberger (4/14/17)

Spatial Errors Introduced by Overlaying GIS Data on Oblique Imagery - John Dickinson (4/14/17)

Incorportating Open Data into AZGEO - Curtis Pulford (4/14/17)

Integrating Performance Measures into MPO Programming Process - Josh Pope (4/14/17)

Challenges in Maintaining Regional Data Layers and Cooperative Opportunities - Steve Whitney (5/12/17)

City of Tucson Apps - Jessica Fraver (5/12/17)

Utilizing FME - Laura Mawhinney (5/12/17)

Ten Things You Need to Know about ArcGIS Enterprise - Shelby Hines and Vince Collins (6/9/17)

Esri Mobile App Overview and Demo Including Workforce, Collector, Survey123, and Operations Dashboard - Shelby Hines and Vince Collins (6/9/17)

Using Pictometry Imagery on a Mobile Device - Jim Long (8/11/17)

UA Enterprise GIS Web App Update - Grant McCormick (9/8/17)

Project NAVIGATE: Inspiring the Next Generation of Naval Scientists and Engineers - Alex Ruff (9/8/17)

The Power of Parcels and Arizona Department of Revenue Property Use Code Manual - Steve Whitney (10/13/17)

Tribal GIS in the Mountain Region: Geospatial Technologies and Tribal Consultation for Adaptive Planning in Integrated Resource Management - Fernando Sanchez-Trigueros (10/13/17)

New Approaches in Address Database Management - Alex Smith (10/13/17)



Habitat Connectivity for the White-Sided Jackrabbit (Lepus callotis) between the United States and Mexico: A Border Divides a Species - Myles Traphagen (1/8/16)

Waiting to be Seen: Geospatial Barriers in Veteran Access to Healthcare - Rachael Cushman (1/8/16)

Land-Use Analysis for Regional Geodesign Using LUCISPlus - Iris Patten (1/8/16)

Visualizing Stormwater Runoff using the Esri JavaScript API - Nick Zimmerman (2/12/16)

The Tucson Homeless Census Count - Pam Moseley (2/12/16)

Aerial Mapping of Natural Resources - Rob Davis (2/12/16)

Pima County's Building Inspector Routing Apps - Ray Brice (4/8/16)

Sustainable Recreation: Project Overview - Colleen Whitaker (4/8/16)

Sustainable Recreation: Data - Jessica Little (4/8/16)

Esri's Developer Summit - Allen Scully (4/8/16)

Let's Go Nuts: A Suitability Analysis of Walnut Cultivation on Mount Lykaion, Arkadia, Greece - Lauren Dreyfuss (5/13/16)

The ABCs of XYZ: My GeoMentor Adventure at Borton Magnet School
Spatial Mapping at Borton (video) - Chuck Powell (5/13/16)

Historic Web Maps of Tucson: 1937-1995 - Alex Smith (5/13/16)

City of Casa Grande: Web Development and Mobile Data Collection - Jeff Little (6/10/13)

Hazards and Restrictions: Getting the Details Remotely - Gerard Rodriguez (6/10/13)

GIS Data's Role in Police Investigations - Det. Pete George (8/12/16)

Northwest Fire District's Public Lookup Utility - Jim Long and Tom Krinke (8/12/16)

UAS-Based Hydrologic Modeling in the Altar Valley - Rob Davis (8/12/16)

Getting a GIS Program Underway for Folks Who Don't Think They Need One: "We already have maps. Isn't that enough?" - Elisabeth van der Leeuw, Becky Steinnecker, and Rachel Loubeau (9/9/16)

Open Data GIS Policy - Steve Whitney (9/9/16)

Creating Regional 2-Foot Contours from PAG's LiDAR Dataset - Manny Rosas (10/7/16)

Using Esri's Portal for ArcGIS at UNS Energy - Leslie Carpenter (10/7/16)

Updates from the State Cartographer's Office - Curtis Pulford (10/7/16)



UA's Online Bachelor of Science in GIST - Georgia Davis (3/13/15)

Southwest Wyoming Nineteenth Century Emigrant Trails - Rob Davis (3/13/15)

Utilizing ArcGIS Desktop and Online Tools to Dynamically Evaluate and Share Conservation Projects - Jessica Fraver (3/13/15)

Commercial UAS in the National Airspace - Rob Davis (4/10/15)

City of Tucson Open Data Portal - Leslie Ethen (4/10/15)

Stormwater Runoff Reduction by Street-Side Water Harvesting Features - Jennifer Psillas (6/12/15)

USGS 3DEP June 9th Workshop Debrief - Josh Pope (6/12/15)

Northwest Fire District: A Journey into ArcGIS Online - Jim Long (8/14/15)

Pima County's Address and Sub-Address Data Model - Jack Avis (10/9/15)

Geospatial Data Discovery and Access: Implementing Open Geoportal at the University of Arizona - Ben Hickson and Chris Kollen (10/9/15)

Weather Research and Forecasting: Developing Sub-Domain Verification Methods using GIS Tools - Theresa Foley (10/9/15)

State GIS Policy Update - Steve Whitney (10/9/15)



Analyzing Changes in the Spatial Distribution of Saguaros in Saguaro National Park - Becky MacEwen (1/10/14)

Burn Severity Trends and Elevation: A Temporal Analysis from 1984-2011 in Arizona and New Mexico - John Danloe (1/10/14)

Groundwater Pollution Potential in Pinal County, Arizona using DRASTIC Methodology - Michele Tartaglia (1/10/14)

Minimum Metadata Standards for GIS Data - Steve Whitney (2/14/14)

State Plane Coordinates, Good Riddance: An Introduction to the New Pima Low Distortion Map Projection - Patrick McGarrity (2/14/14)

Preserving a Legacy: Managing Legacy Data for the Future - Janel Day (3/14/14)

Landscape-Level Conservation Planning for Wildlife Under a Changing Climate - Scott Wilbor (5/9/14)

A Database Model for Prioritizing Lands for Conservation - Amanda Borens (9/8/14)

AZGEO - Brynn Bruno (9/8/14)

Introduction, Strategic Planning, and the Need for Stakeholder Input - Curtis Pulford (10/10/14)

Data Collection on Two Wheels - Jennifer Psillas (10/10/14)

PimaMaps: Department Maps - Elisabeth van der Leeuw (10/10/14)

A Statewide Address Database: Issues and Opportunities - Howard Ward (10/10/14)

Pima County's Parcel Fabric in Development - Jack Avis (10/10/14)

Minimum Metadata Standards for GIS Data and Products - Steve Whitney (10/10/14)

An Integrated Field Data Collection System for Dendrochronology - Peter Brewer (10/10/14)

The Vehicle Routing Problem - Ray Brice (10/10/14)



Least-Cost Path for Mars Science Laboratory - Jim Riedmann (1/11/13)

UA Enterprise GIS - Grant McCormick (1/11/13)

Mapping the Desert: New Technology, Old Problems - Jim Malusa (1/11/13)

LiDAR and Multi-Spectral Imagery to Characterize Riparian Vegetation - Leslie Carpenter (2/8/13)

Neighborhood Stress and Violent Crime - Nathan Lothrop (2/8/13)

GIS Licensure Update - Steve Whitney (2/8/13)

Using a Cellular Automata Urban Growth Model to Estimate the Completeness of an Aggregated Road Dataset - Tiernan Erickson (3/15/13)

Advantages and Limitations of ArcGIS Online: Building Online Maps and Apps for a Local Non-Profit (embedded map) - Erik Glenn (4/12/13)

GIS Licensure and Data Classification - Steve Whitney (4/12/13)

Data Collection on Mobile Platform for Small Business - Jonathan Haller (6/14/13)

Geomentor - Tom McConnell (10/11/13)

A Coordinated and Centralized GIS Database Model for Arizona Land and Natural Resource Management - Janel Day (10/11/13)

Tucson Region Pedestrian Demand Model Mapping - Julie Jamarta (11/8/13)

Assembling a Statewide Road and Address Database -  Howard Ward and Curtis White (11/8/13)

UAVs - Bill Timmins (11/8/13)



Modeling Soil Erosion Potential - Jennifer Psillas (1/13/12)

Shadow Analysis for Downtown Tucson - Erik Glenn (1/13/12)

Activity Levels for Rattlesnakes at Desert Museum - Ken Stockton (1/13/12)

UA Bike Theft Mapping - Elliot Montgomery (4/24/12)

APLS 2012 GIS Licensure Panel Discussion Summary - Steve Whitney (5/11/12)

Homeowner Example - Steve Whitney (5/11/12)

From Shapefiles to Megawatts: Modelling Land Use Suitability for Renewable Energy Alternatives - Melanie Colavito (9/14/12)

Public Safety and Wildland Fire GIS - Nick Siemsen (9/14/12)

Digital Aerial Sketchmapping of Buffelgrass - Becky MacEwen (11/9/12)

AGIC 2012 GIS Licensure Panel Discussion Summary - Steve Whitney (11/9/12)



ESRI and Trimble Grant - Pamela Pennington (1/14/11)

Traffic Mapping Application - Elisabeth Van Der Leeuw and Ray Brice (1/14/11)

GIS Support for the Buffelgrass Aerial Boom Application Test Project - Jennifer Psillas (2/11/11)

Mapping the Activities of the Sonoran Desert Weedwackers - Marilyn Hanson (2/11/11)

Online Data Management System for Coordinated Buffelgrass Management - Travis Bean (2/11/11)

Hot Spots and the Gi* Statistic - Laura Vittorio (4/15/11)

2010 Census Highlights and Data Resources - Eric Kramer (4/15/11)

GIS Data: Classification, Use, and Limitations - Steve Whitney (5/13/11)

Review of 2010 Census Layers on MARS - Steve Whitney (5/13/11)

Imagine Greater Tucson - Josh Pope (5/13/11)

Census 2010 Data Update (SF1 table) - Steve Whitney (9/9/11)

GIS Data Use within Local Government - Steve Whitney (9/9/11)



GISCI Certification - Larry Cassen and Irene Swanson (3/19/10)

Analysis of Saguaro and Buffelgrass Interaction - Becky MacEwen (4/16/10)

Crime Stat III - Laura Vittorio (8/20/10)



Mosquitoes and Where They Hide - Peter Schmidt (2/20/09)

Otimize ArcGIS Server Performance - Andy Wright (2/25/09)

Web Development with ArcGIS Server and Flex - Robert Walsh and Gady Pitaru (2/25/09)

AGIC Strategic Plan Update - Gene Trobia (8/21/09)

Digital FIRM - Ken Maits and Terry Hendricks (8/21/09)

Crime Mapping - Laura Vittorio (9/18/09)

Ecosystem Services Analysis - Laura Norman (10/16/09)

Analyzing Development Trends - Malini Banerjee (10/16/09)

Maricopa Orthophotography 



Pima County Linear Referencing System - Ray Brice and Cody Cohn (4/15/08)

Pima County ROW Layer - Steve Whitney (8/22/08)



GIS Cooperative Web Portal - Steve Whitney (4/17/07)

Pima County Flood Control - Ken Maits and Terry Hendricks (5/15/07)

ArcGIS Business Analyst - Jason Channin (9/18/07)



ArcGIS Server - Eric Butler (1/17/06)

Community Asset Mapping - Jodi Perrin (2/21/06)

Property Records Online - Jessie Sanders (2/21/06)

Mesa Community College GIS Certificate Program - Karen Blevins (4/18/06)

Wildfire Prevention - Barron Orr (1017/06)



Cooper Aerial - David Major (4/19/05)

UA Spatial Data Initiative - Grant McCormick (5/17/05)

Tumamoc Hill GDB Development - Gary Christopherson (6/21/05)

GIS in ADOT - Eva Reid (7/20/05)

Pictometry Administrative Training - Michael Maskalans (8/12/05)

Pictometry Advanced Training - Michael Maskalans (8/12/05)

Pictometry End User Training - Michael Maskalans (8/12/05)

COT Traffic Barricades - Steve Smith (8/16/05)

TPD Address Matching - Daniel Casey (11/22/05)

Town of Marana Satellite Imagery - Chris Mack (11/22/05)

Valuing Forest-Based Recreation - Peter Johnson



Urban Landscape Management (Tree Inventory) - Irene Ogata

GIS Concepts, part 1 - Don Ijams

GIS Concepts, part 2 - Don Ijams