City Meeting Rooms

City Meeting Rooms Available To The Public


(There may be fees for the following Parks locations.)

Administration - 791-4873/Reid Park - 791-5930, Ext. 5

Reid Park Zoo - 791-3204

East District

Clements Center

8155 E. Poinciana, 791-5787
3 meeting rooms
Multi-Purpose Room - Large(50+)
Small - Activity Room(25 or less)
Small - Activity Room(25 or less)

Randolph Regional Center

200 South Alvernon Way, 791-4560
The following listed "Meeting Rooms" are available on a intermittent basis depending on the current Leisure Class Schedule/and public theater presentations:

  • Building One, Room Four  Medium Capacity 30 persons with chairs only.
  • Building Two, Photo Lab Class room Medium Capacity 50 Persons with chairs only.
  • Building Two, Auditorium Large 50+ persons with tables and chairs. (Limited availability due to theater presentations, camps and leisure classes.)

Udall Center

7200 E. Tanque Verde, 791-4931
3 medium meeting rooms (Rooms 1, 2, & 3)
1 small meeting room (Kids Room)

Specialize Services Division

Armory Park Senior Center

220 S. 5th Ave., 791-4865
Number of meeting rooms: 4
Blue room (25) 
Green room (25)
Quiet room (40) 
Ballroom (300) or (150) per half

Therapeutic Recreation Center, 1000 S. Randolph Way, 791-4873

2-3 meeting rooms and backyard
(1) conference room will hold 10-15 people
(2) MPR (multi purpose room) 120 max chairs, 86 only with tables
(3) Arts and Crafts room. 30-35 in chairs, special projects meetings

Hours, 8am-5pm, M-F. Not available at all in the evenings during Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer due to TR programs and camps.

Usually available 8am-4pm (M-F) during the Fall, Winter/Spring. Not available at all during the summer. The Building and backyard are not available on the weekends.

West District Facilities

Archer Neighborhood Center

1665 S. La Cholla Blvd., 791-4353
4 Meeting/Event Rooms:
Lounge   Small 
Craft Room Small (high tables and stools; generally used for youth groups)
Clinic Waiting Area  Small 
Multi-Use "B"  Medium
Multi-Use "A"  Large

Cherry Avenue Recreation Center

5085 S. Cherry Ave., 791-4497
2 Meeting/Event Rooms:
Main Room    Large 
Arts & Crafts Room   Small

El Pueblo Regional Recreation Campus

101 W. Irvington, 791-5155
Activity Center – 3 Meeting/Event Rooms, Gymnasium:
Conference Room    Small 
Multi-purpose (Wrestling) Room Large 
Dance Room Small (wood floor – appropriate activities only)

Neighborhood Center – 5 Meeting/Event Rooms:
Room 5-B   Small 
Building 6 -   Medium 
Building 1 (Rooms A, B, C) Large (Divides into 3 Mediums)
1B & 1C    Medium 
1A  Medium (includes teaching kitchen)

El Rio Center

1309 W. Speedway Blvd., 791-4683
Multipurpose rooms
A103 capacity 100
A104 capacity  125
A105 capacity 100
Senior area
A1 capacity 65
Arts & Crafts A100 capacity 25
D1 meeting room capacity 25
B1-A conference room capacity 20
A106 Teen Room capacity 15

Marty Birdman Center

2536 N. Castro, 791-5950
Two medium rooms
1 large room

Donna Liggins Center

2160 N. 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ., 791-3249
Six meeting rooms available to public:
1) #112 (classroom) - capacity 25 or less
2) #113 (classroom) - capacity 25 or less
3) #115 (classroom) - capacity 25 or less
4) #128 (arts & crafts room) - capacity 25 or less
5) #130A (small multi-purpose room) - capacity 50+
6) #163 (large multi-purpose room) - capacity 50+

Quincie Douglas Neighborhood Center

1575 E. 36th St., 791-2507
3 Meeting/Event Rooms:
Multi-Purpose Room   Large 
Arts & Crafts Room   Medium 
Dance Floor    Small (wood floor – appropriate activities only)

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Housing and Community Development Department

Community Resource Center, 320 North Commerce Park Loop.
Contact for information.

NOTE: The HCDD/Administrative Services Division reviews all requests for room reservations. Please submit requests to at least two (2) weeks before anticipated use.

Sabino/Rillito Room  seats 50*
Pantano Room seats 20*
Santa Cruz Room  seats 25*

* Without room dividers the seating capacity is 95. Table and chair arrangements are the responsibility of the agency or group making the reservation.

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Mayor and Council Offices

Regina Romero
Office of the Mayor
255 W. Alameda, 791-4201

Council Member Lane Santa Cruz
Council Office: Ward One
940 W. Alameda St., 791-4040

Council Member Paul Cunningham
Council Office: Ward Two
7575 E. Speedway Blvd., 791-4687

Council Member Kevin Dahl
Council Office: Ward Three
1510 E. Grant Rd., 791-4711

Council Member Nikki Lee
Council Office: Ward Four
8123 E. Poinciana, 791-3199

Council Member Richard G. Fimbres
Council Office: Ward Five
4300 S. Park Ave., 791-4231

Council Member Steve Kozachik
Council Office: Ward Six
3202 E. 1st. Street., 791-4601

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