Community Workforce Skills Program (CWSP)

The City of Tucson’s Community Workforce Skills Program (CWSP) enables individual City Departments to enter into work-scope-specific CWSP agreements with local agencies operating workforce skills development programs for youths, young adults and/or veterans transitioning from military to civilian employment. The CWSP’s objective is to simultaneously accomplish City departments’ funded work and provide meaningful skills development opportunities for those entering the Tucson community’s workforce.

The CWSP was approved by the City of Tucson Mayor and Council on December 2, 2013 and is coordinated by the Director of the General Services Department (GSD) on behalf of the City Manager.

CWSP Parameters.  This document includes program information and an overview of the application process.

Eligibility Application (MS Word) (Fillable PDF)

Resolution 22168

Sample Agreement.  E-mail GSD1 to request an editable version when you are ready to draft your Agreement.

Eligibility List.  This document lists eligible agencies, points of contact, and the capabilities of those agencies.

Payment Process.  E-mail GSD1 if questions.

Key Notes:

  1. CWSP requires an electronic eligibility application to be e-mailed to the Director of the General Services Department at
  2. Acceptance as Eligible does not assure a CWSP Agreement nor City work. City Departments individually determine if they will enter into any agreement and the scope of that agreement. All such actions are reviewed by the Director of GSD and approved by the City Manager.
  3. CWSP is a stand-alone program. Acceptance as "CWSP Eligible" or entering into a CWSP Agreement in no way restricts or prevents an entity from competitively applying for, or proposing on, City opportunities outside the CWSP.