Civano Demonstration Project

by Drachman Design-Build Coalition 

Conservation Technologies for Affordable Housing

Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Design Guidelines


This collaboration was a partnership of University, City and County with the collective goal of designing and constructing five (5) prototypical, sustainable, low cost residences.  The parcel was deeded to a university-based, non-profit design and development team by the City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Department and competitive grants and bonds provided funds for project development.  Goals were to provide affordable housing while creating replicable prototypes that achieve substantial  savings in energy and water usage. 

The practices employed in the design of these units were drafted into a set of Design Guidelines for Energy Conserving Affordable Housing.  The impact of these guidelines on a regional level would far transcend the benefit of the individual units.  The City received ownership of the permitted plan sets to be disseminated for public use by all other builders and developers to encourage environmentally responsibile home building. 


Civano Demonstration Grant Workshop:  Research / Students / Community / Legislation  


Model Residence One     

Model One Energy Data             Model One Conservation Data            

Model One Design Plans            Model One Photos


Model Residence Two

Model Two Photos              


Model Residence Three

Model Three Energy Data             Model Three HOBOlink                Model Three Photos  

Model Three Contract Documents                   Model Three Structural Design Calculations  


Model Residence Four 

Model Four Design Plans            Model Four Photos            


Model Residence Six

Model Six Design Plans