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Affordable Rental Housing

A condition of using federal funds to administer the El Portal Program is that units be made available to those who would benefit from affordable rental housing (personal or family income is below 80% of the median income limit); therefore, it is necessary to document the income and assets of a household.  Prospective tenants will need to attend an eligibility certification appointment; existing tenants are asked to provide annual documentation of income and assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I benefit from affordable rental housing?

Rents are set based on figures provided by the federal government, which reflects market rates and median incomes in this region. These figures are called HOME Program Rents. The rental amounts for City-owned El Portal units are below the fair market rate for a comparable unit.

Are these units like Public or Section 8 housing?

No.  The units are available to anyone with a good credit history and the appropriate income (based on family size) that desires to rent a unit. This information is provided at the eligibility certification.

Who sees the information that I am asked to provide?

This information is for internal tracking and federal reporting requirements.  The information that you provide is considered privileged and protected by the Federal Privacy Act. Nothing in your file will be disclosed without your specific written permission.

Do I have to continually report changes in my financial situation?

No.  We will review and certify income annually if you renew your lease and continue to reside in the unit.

If my income has increased, will I be forced to move from my apartment at lease renewal?

No.  We do not foresee anyone having to move.  While federal regulations require that unit be rented to persons at or below 80% of the median income limit (based on family size), residents who are over the income limit may continue to reside in their unit. Although their rent may be raised to the market rent at the time of lease renewal.

Who manages the properties?  Who do I contact in matters of rent, repairs, etc.?

The Housing and Community Development Department of the City of Tucson manages the El Portal units. If you are interested in renting an El Portal unit, or have questions on the application process, rents, leases, maintenance, etc., please contact El Portal staff at (520) 791-5353.