Posadas Sentinel

Affordable Housing Project

Posadas Sentinel is a Site-Based affordable housing project. There are a total of 120 Town Homes with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. Each unit has a fenced yard. The site is within walking distance of downtown. The Santa Rosa recreation Center, Library, Headstart, Drachman Elementary and Santa Rosa Park are in the immediate vicinity.

Applications are accepted at the Posadas Sentinel office, 310 N Commerce Park Loop. Applicants can apply for Low Income Affordable Housing, the Family Self Sufficiency Program, or both programs.

Low Income Affordable Housing
To qualify the household income cannot exceed 60% of area median annual income.
The rents for the 2 bedrooms are $450, 3 bedrooms are $510 and 4 bedrooms are $570.
Section 8 is accepted. Market rents for Section 8 - 2BR = $624, 3BR = $750, and 4BR = $809.
(Utilities are not included)

Family Self Sufficiency - FSS
To qualify the household income cannot exceed 50% of area median annual income. FSS is a public housing program with a five year commitment from the tenant. Participation in Educational and Job Training opportunities is required. Rent is based on the household's income. Preference is given to applicants who are working.

What Happens after I apply?
Staff will determine if you meet the eligibility for the program(s) that you've applied for. Your name will be put on the appropriate waiting list(s) for the appropriate bedroom size.
We will request that you sign an authorization allowing us to verify your employment and/or student status. If you have been working at least 20 hours a week for 6 months or more or are a full-time student, you will receive preference points. Once verified, the working preference points will be applied to the FSS application. Periodically the applicant will be contacted to update information and confirm that the applicant is still interested.

Who sees the information that I am asked to provide?
The information you provide is considered privileged and protected by the Federal Privacy Act. Nothing in your file will be disclosed without your specific written permission.

What happens when I reach the top of the Waiting List?
As units become available you will be contacted by our Eligibility Staff to come in for an in depth interview. Once you are certified as eligible, you will be offered the next available unit.

How do I get more information?

Come to our office at 310 N Commerce Park Loop, which is just west of Congress / I-10 off north Bonita Ave, or you can call us at 791-5353.

How do I apply?

Get the application for Posadas Sentinel. The application may be returned to the leasing office by mail or in person at: 310 N Commerce Park Loop, Tucson, Az  85745.