Project Based Vouchers

Project Based Voucher Program - Request for Proposals (RFP)

The City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) as the Public Housing Authority is accepting applications for Project Based Vouchers from qualified owners and/or developers to do business in the City of Tucson and Pima County.

In accordance with its Public Housing Authority Plan, HCDD is converting 260 Housing Choice Vouchers to Project Based Vouchers for new construction affordable housing projects. Generally under the Project Based Voucher program buildings containing more than four units are subject to 25% unit limitation on the number that can have project based assistance. Developments that will serve the elderly or disabled or provide case management in accordance with the PHA's Administrative Plan are exempt from the cap. 

Notice for Project Based Voucher RFP  (< click on link)  


Project Based Voucher (PBV) Applications Being Accepted - Open Continuously

Applications from projects previously awarded housing assistance through a competitive process (i.e.- LIHTC, HOME, Pima County G.O. Bond) will be accepted continuously.  Such awards must have been made with no consideration for Project Based Vouchers in the project in accordance with 24CFR983.51.  Below is a link to the description and the application.

Application for Project Based Voucher Projects Previously Awarded Housing Assistance Through a Comptetive Process

All applications submitted must conform to all of the requirements and specifications outlined within the application document and any designated attachments in their entirety.  Applications should be delivered to:  HCDD, 310 N. Commerce Park Loop, Tucson, AZ  85745, or they may be emailed to

  • Rally Point Apartments was awarded 30 Project Based Vouchers based on its previous competitive LIHTC award.
  • Esperanza En Escalante was awarded 40 Project Based Vouchers based on its previous Pima County Affordable Housing G.O. Bond Award.
  • Alvord Court Apartments was awarded 14 Project Based Vouchers based on its previous competitive award of HOME funds by the Arizona Department of Housing.


Results from Previous Requests for Proposals 

A recent Request For Proposals closed on January 28, 2017 and the results are indicated below:

  • One application from La Frontera has received a preliminary award for Storacle Point Apartments requesting 54 vouchers.

Results from a Request For Proposals which closed on January 18, 2016 are:

  • West End Station received a contingent award of 56 Project Based Vouchers.
  • Miracle Point Apartments received a contingent award of 40 Project Based Vouchers.
  • Marist at Cathedral Square rescinded their PBV application.

Copies of Project Based Voucher Applications and scoring matrices are available upon request via email to