Tucson Update - Non-Residential Real Estate




Total (3Q07): 15,004,666 square feet

Leasable Vacancy Rates (3Q07): 13.4%

Net absorption of leasable space (3Q07): (170,167) square feet 

Links to Information About Office Space Inventory and Market Conditions:

PICOR Tucson Office Market Report (Internet Link)

Tucson Office Space (PDF 17KB)

Tucson Metro Area: Office Space Leased Sq. Ft. per Capita (PDF 19KB)

CB Richard Ellis Publications (Internet Link)


Total (3Q07): 41,262,939 square feet

Net absorption, leasable space (3Q07): (15,174) square feet

Vacancy Rate, leasable space only (3Q07): 11.9%

Links to Information About Industrial Space Inventory and Vacancy Rates:

PICOR Tucson Industrial Market Study (Internet Link)

Tucson Industrial Space  (PDF 19KB)

Tucson Metro Area: Industrial Leased Sq. Ft. per Capita (PDF 32KB)


Total (4Q07): 43.3 million square feet 

Total Retail Space, All Types:  42.6 square feet per capita

Retail Sales for 2007: $12.1 billion (forecast up 4% over 2006)

Projected Retail Sales for 2008: $12.3 billion (up 1.4% over 2007)

2008 Prices (percent change from 2007): as measured by the Gross Domestic Product deflator, 2.2%; as measured by the Consumer Price Index, Western Region, 2.1%

Links to Detailed Information About Retail Space Inventory and Vacancy Rates:

Tucson Streetside Retail Space  (PDF 11KB)

Tucson Shopping Center Space (PDF 8KB)

Tucson Metro Area: Retail Leased Sq. Ft. per Capita (PDF 18KB)

Tucson Metro Area: Total Retail Space (PDF 12KB)