Buy a SunGO Card for Public Transit

Use SunGo to pay for fares on streetcars and buses. You can also use the Go Tucson app to pay your fare with a smartphone.

The SunGO Card is the best way  to pay fares when riding public transit in Tucson. The card works on both the Sun Tran bus system and the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar.  A SunGO card with unlimited rides for a month is just $42. Daily use and pay as you go options also are available.

If you're an occasional rider, you can load the SunGO Card with a cash value to pay the $1.50 one-way fares whenever you use transit.  In addition, there are many discounts available for students, low-income residents, seniors, downtown employees, and others.

If you ride the streetcar, you must have a SunGO Card, or purchase a day pass with cash or a credit card from a vending machine at the stop. Cash is not accepted on the streetcar.

You can purchase SunGo cards online , or at various City of Tucson locations, the City of South Tucson and Fry’s Food Stores. For a complete listing of sales outlets, visit the Sun Tran website.

You can also use the Go Tucson app to pay your fare.