Use Our New Participatory Budget Tool

The City of Tucson has created a new participatory budget tool in English and Spanish to provide a summary of the budget and gather input. Community members can assign discretionary funds to different areas of the City’s budget.

You'll find information about the Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) tentative budget for departments that provide direct service to the community along with some information about the services those departments provide to the City. After review of the City Manager's proposed funding distribution, you'll have an opportunity to share how you would distribute funds to these departments.

The Mayor and Council will review the feedback from this process, Budget Town Hall Meetings, and the City Manager's recommendation prior to adopting the FY21 Budget.

The full recommended budget has been posted to the City’s website, and public hearings (listed below) will also be held before the final adoption. 

The presentations come on the tail of the Mayor and City’s Council’s June 9 vote to delay its timetable for adoption of the budget for the next fiscal year to allow more time for the community to provide input. Changes to how the council holds meetings due to the pandemic have made obtaining public input challenging. The timetable for adoption of the final budget and primary tax levy have been pushed to early August.