The HR Shared Services Division provides department support through the establishment of ten department HR satellite offices, one Classification and Compensation unit, and a Driving/Drug Testing program unit. These ten HR satellite offices are located across the organization and perform generalist HR functions for the Tucson Police Department, Tucson Fire Department, Department of Transportation and Mobility, Housing & Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Tucson Water, Environmental & General Services Department, Public Safety Communications Department, Business Services/Information Technology, and all other departments under a Shared Services HR Satellite Office.  The HR Shared Services Administrator leads this division along with 12 HR Managers.   The Division fulfills a consistent and standardized execution in recruiting and employee onboarding, talent management, processing employee actions, managing employee relations, coordinating department payroll, labor relations, the City’s random drug testing and driving programs, and establishing a strategic approach to human capital management with respective departments. Additionally, this Division supports the classification and compensation efforts throughout the City and is responsible for the review and maintenance of the classification plan and for the preparation of the annual proposed compensation plan.

Ryan Saxby, HR Administrator - 520-837-4002



Business Services Division 

 Information Technology

HR Satellite

 BSD-IT HR Satellite Email Inbox:

HR Manager - Shelly Urias 520-837-4307

HR Analyst - Erin Gallego 520-837-4167

HR Analyst - vacant

City Hall HR Satellite

255 W. Alameda St. 3rd Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

City Hall satellite office provides services to the following departments:

City Attorney, City Clerk
City Manager, Mayor & Council
Planning & Development
Procurement, Public Defenders

 HR Satellite Team Email Inbox:

HR Manager -  Randall Moehr  520-837-4156

Lead HR Analyst - Pilar Jauregui 520-837-4177

HR Analyst - Liliana Almeraz 520-837-4303



Environmental & General Services HR Satellite

4004 S. Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85714

EGSD HR Team Email:

HR Manager - Susana Castillo 520-837-3781
Lead HR Analyst - Brianna Noperi Aguilar  520-837-3776
HR Technician - Veronica Haro - 520-837-5015
Senior Account Clerk - Michelle Calderon - 520-837-6385

Fire HR Satellite
Commissioned & Civilian

300 S. Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701

Fire HR Satellite Team Email: 

HR Manager - JoAnn Acosta  520-837-7008 / cell: 520-289-9788
Lead HR Analyst - Cynthia Serrano 520-837-7020

HR Technician - Dmitriy Adamia - 520-837-7052                                        Senior Account Clerk - vacant - 520-837-7011

Housing & Community Development HR Satellite

310 N. Commerce Park Loop
Tucson, AZ 85745

Housing & Community Development HR Satellite Team Email: 

HR Manager - Denise Kendle  520-837-6958

HR Technician - Neil Nickol 520-837-6947

Senior Account Clerk - Debbie Gonzalez  520-837-5308

Parks & Recreation HR Satellite

900 S. Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ 85716

Parks & Rec Team Email: 

HR Manager - James Sims - 520-343-2532
HR Analyst - Sandra Fata 520-837-8073

HR Technician - Randy Esslinger 520-837-8054

Senior Account Clerk - Diane Ahlberg-Just 520-837-8045

Public Safety Communications

Department HR Satellite

4004 S Park Avenue       Tucson, Arizona 85714

Public Safety & Communications HR Team Email: PSCD_HR@tucsonaz.go

Interim HR Manager - Cynthia Serrano 520-837-4008

Senior Account Clerk - Noelle Smith 520-837-2943

Police HR Satellite

270 S. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701

TPD HR Team Email: 

HR Manager - Janet Rico Uhrig - 520-837-7782
Lead HR Analyst -  vacant  520-837-7768

HR Analyst - Demetria Lopez 520-837-7755
HR Technician -  Jennifer Urbina 520-837-7762

 HR Technician -   Chalis Ruiz 520-837-4176

Senior Account Clerk -  Sandra Gastelum, 520-837-7765

Senior Account Clerk  - Laura Hodgson, 520-837- 7560

Department of Transportation & Mobility​ HR Satellite

201 N. Stone Ave. 6th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

Transportation & Mobility HR Team Email: 

HR Manager - Sandra Zurbrick 520-837-6803

Lead HR Analyst - Malena Carreon 520-837-4071

Senior HR Technician - Diane Webster - 520-837-6781

Senior Account Clerk - Genevieve Hernandez  520-837-6586

Water HR Satellite

310 W. Alameda St.
Tucson, AZ 85701

Tucson Water HR Team Email:

HR Manager - Ashley Tellez 520-837-7755
Lead HR Analyst - Roxie Escarcega 520-837-2138
HR Analyst - Jocelyn Maez 520-837-2113
HR Technician - Valerie Bencomo 520-837-2136

Classification & Compensation

Classification & Compensation Team Email:

HR Manager - Angelica "AJ" Gonzales 520-837-4156
Business Analyst II - Vacant 520-837-4174