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    Form 1095

    Why does my form show only January through June coverage?

    In the past, retirees received a single 1095 form (from Cigna), and employees received two forms - one from Cigna reporting enrollment (who was enrolled, and for which months), and one from the City showing the months coverage was offered. With the move to self insurance, the City has assumed  additional reporting responsibility. As a result, you may receive up to two ACA forms for 2019:

    • Cigna is reporting which family members were enrolled between January and June (Form 1095B)
    • The City is reporting which family members were enrolled between July and December (Form 1095C Part III)
    • The City is reporting which employees were offered coverage between January and December (Form 1095C Parts I & II)

    The information in the second two bullets will be on a single 1095C form.

    When will I receive my forms?

    Early in 2020, Cigna mailed forms showing January through June enrollment. The City will mail forms with the remainder of 2019 information in March, in accordance with the federal mailing deadline of March 2. Going forward, the intent is to consolidate information on a single form.

    Can I still file my taxes?

    Absolutely! You don't need to submit the forms with your taxes. You do need to keep them with your tax records, though, in case you are audited.

    What if I have questions?

    • Cigna (800-244-6224) will assist with forms showing January through June enrollment .
    • Your City Benefits team ( or 791-4597) will assist with forms showing July through December enrollment, and with information showing when employees were offered coverage. 

    Thank you, and we wish you a happy and healthy 2020.

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