Congratulations on your recent marriage! 

In order to add your new spouse to coverage, you must complete the following actions within 31 days after the date of marriage:

  1. Log your request via the online enrollment system, AND
  2. Fax us a copy of your marriage license to 791-5942, and
  3. If you're a retiree, submit documentation demonstrating continuous dental/vision insurance if you'd like to add your new spouse to dental and/or vision. See the Insurance Handbook for information about the retiree dental/vision continuous coverage requirements.

STEP 1 - Log Your Request:

  • Login instructions are on the login screen
  • Click on "Life Events", "Marriage"
  • Proceed through the screens until you reach a "Thank You" screen
  • Check your Confirmation Statement to make sure it reflects the coverage you desire

Active Employees:

  • Spouse life and dependent life are guaranteed if you take the coverage within your first 31 days of marriage
  • If you don't take the full amounts now, your spouse could request to apply for the coverage during Open Enrollment; depending upon your spouse’s medical records, the insurance carrier has the option either to accept or decline the request.

STEP 2 - Submit Documentation:

  • Fax your government-issued marriage certificate to the Benefits Office at 791-5942
  • If you're retiree who is request to add a new spouse to dental/vision, also fax your spouse's proof of continous dental/vision coverage
  • Call (or email) after you fax to make sure that we received your documents.


We must receive both your online request and a copy of the marriage license within the 31-day deadline in order to be able to approve your request.  Coverage would begin the first day of the month following the date of your marriage.




The City contracts with an outside audit firm to conduct eligibility verification audits. Generally, audits occur after the spring open enrollment, but they may occur at any time. If an individual isn't properly verified through the audit process, the individual will be removed from insurance, and you may be responsible for any claims paid. Please watch your home mail carefully to ensure that you don't miss deadlines.


Please be sure to update your beneficiaries to reflect your changing needs. 

  • Life Insurance: Changing your life insurance beneficiary is a step in the enrollment process
  • Colonial: Contact Colonial for any needed udpates (800-456-4311)
  • HSA Bank: Contact HSA Bank through the link at or via Cigna's Customer Service (800-CIGNA24)
  • Pension: Contact your Retirement Office (791-4598 for TSRS or 791-4282 for commissioned police/fire)
  • Deferred Comp: Contact ICMA (, 800-669-7400) or Nationwide (Fire only) at 877-677-3678
  • Union: If you are in a union, contact your union to update any union-related benefits. 



Change your name with your department payroll clerk. The information will feed to the insurance carriers about two weeks after your payroll clerk updates the information in the City's payroll system.


TSRS: Contact 520-791-4598, or; your new information will feed to the online enrollment system (and the insurance carriers) about two weeks later after the Retirement Office updates your information in the City's payroll system.

PSPRS: Fax us a copy of your new Social Security card; also contact the State PSPRS Benefits Office at 602-255-5575.


If you'd like to drop City coverage due to joining your spouse’s plan, that is actually a separate life event, and additional documentation would be required.  Visit our information about Employee Gains Other Qualifying Coverage for requirements.



Insurance Handbook

Coverage Information

  • Visit our Medical page for Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs).  You are also able to obtain hard copies of SBCs free of charge by requesting them from the Benefits Office (520-791-4597).


Thank you.

Your Insurance Benefits Team