Development Impact Fees Program 2014


The Development Impact Fees Program is administered by the Department of Budget and Internal Audit.

The fees are collected by the Planning and Development Services Department when building permits are issued.

The impact fee calculator will give an estimate of the cost in development impact fees.


The fee rates were adopted by the Mayor and Council on October 9, 2014, and are based on the following reports, which were prepared under the direction of the Office of Integrated Planning.  Please click on the links below to view the reports.


Reports adopted October 9, 2014:

Fee Report – Streets Facilities

Fee Report – Parks and Recreational Facilities

Fee Report – Police Facilities

Fee Report – Fire Facilities


Reports adopted August 5, 2014:

Infrastructure Improvements Plan – Streets Facilities

Infrastructure Improvements Plan – Parks and Recreational Facilities

Infrastructure Improvements Plan – Police Facilities

Infrastructure Improvements Plan – Fire Facilities

Land Use Assumptions Report


Public Comments, Fee Adoption Process:

Public Comments and Staff's Response