Plan Tucson Overview

Plan Tucson Overview Flier Posted during Plan Tucson Preparation pdf

What is Plan Tucson?

  • Plan Tucson is the City’s new General & Sustainability Plan, ratified by voters at the November 5, 2013 General Election, and the results declared on November 13, 2013, Resolution #22160.
  • Plan Tucson provides public policy to guide more specific planning, program, and project decisions affecting key elements that shape Tucson and allow it to function successfully.
  • Plan Tucson reflects priorities determined through a public participation process that considered competing needs and desires and how our public dollars should be spent.
  • Once adopted by Mayor and Council and approved by the voters, Plan Tucson replaced the City’s 2001 General Plan.

Why replace the 2001 Tucson General Plan?

Arizona State Law not only requires municipalities to adopt "a comprehensive, long-range general plan for the development of the municipality," but also to readopt that plan or adopt a new plan every ten years. [Note: The Legislature extended this deadline to 2015.] The City chose to prepare a new plan because it provides an opportunity to:

  • take look at how Tucson has been developing physically, economically, and socially over the past decade
  • determine if that development is consistent with community values and best practices
  • further consider the City’s regional context

Who oversaw Plan Tucson preparation?

A team of City planning staff prepared Plan Tucson. Throughout the process, the team reached out to the general public, other City departments, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, business groups, and neighborhoods.