Stakeholders Summary & Meeting Materials

Agency & Organization Stakeholder Orientation Meeting
May 20, 2011, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m., Downtown Fire Station


Following the Public Introductory Meetings in April 2011, Plan Tucson staff held a public meeting focused on policy-oriented agencies and organizations. Attending the meeting were a total of 59 people representing state, county, and city agencies; a variety of organizations, including neighborhood associations; and boards, commissions, and committees. The meeting was publicized through letters sent to a wide range of entities involved with policy related to the elements to be addressed in Plan Tucson; through meeting announcements provided to those who attended the Public Introductory Meeting, and through a posting on this web page. Record of attendees pdf

Opening: City Manager Mike Letcher opened the meeting by thanking attendees for their participation in Plan Tucson and noting that it is not often that community members are given the opportunity provided by General Plan requirements to look at how the community is doing and to provide guidance on its future.

Presentation: Plan Tucson staff gave an illustrated presentation that explained the purpose of and process for Plan Tucson; introduced the three focus areas (e.g., Socioeconomic Prosperity, Environmental Integrity, and Smart Growth) into which the required Plan elements will be organized; and set the stage for the development of principles and policies, which are upcoming Plan preparation activities. View the presentation pdf

As part of the presentation, staff made two announcements: first that there would be an upcoming meeting on principle development about which attendees would be notified; and second that attendees were invited to sign up for Working Groups being formed to assist with drafting policy for Plan Tucson. [Further information about these working groups is under development and will be posted on this web page soon.]

Exercise: In the second half of the meeting, participants were invited to complete a sheet in which they were asked to:

  1. Identify the primary area(s) of interest of the agency or organization that they were representing lists
  2. Answer the question, What is one key challenge in the area(s) of primary interest to your agency or organization?
  3. Answer the question, If your agency or organization were to successfully meet that challenge, would there be community benefits outside your primary area(s) of interest? List some of those benefits.

Copy of the exercise sheet pdf

Transcription of the responses received from the completed exercise sheets pdf