Tucson Streetcar Corridor

Development and Investment Guidance


Corridor Investment Guide

The launch of the streetcar in July of 2014 has generated a significant amount of interest from developers who want to be involved in the revitalization of downtown Tucson. The Streetcar Investment Guide provides information about the streetcar and the unique character areas and investment opportunities along the 4-mile route. View the Streetcar Guide.


Opportunity Sites Web Map

This web map highlights specific opportunity sites along the streetcar route providing ownership, zoning, incentive and other information related to development of particular sites. View the Investment Guide Web Map.



Streetcar Land Use Planning Report

A Streetcar Land Use Planning process, funded by PAG/RTA and the City of Tucson was conducted to encourage appropriate, high quality development and investment in and around the streetcar corridor. This document summarizes the study's findings and includes embedded links to a significant amount of analysis and background information related to developing within the corridor. View the Streetcar Land Use Planning Report.


Urban Land Institute Advisory Panel on Downtown Tucson

In November 2013, the City of Tucson brought in a ULI expert panel to make recommendations on develoment potential in downtown Tucson. Review their recommendations .




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