Awards & Accomplishments


The Digital States Survey is a comprehensive study that examines best practices, policies and progress made by state governments in their use of digital technologies to better serve their citizens and streamline operations.

The City of Tucson Information Technology Department has been ranked in the Digital Cities Survey category of Top-Ten cities with a population of 250,000+ eleven times since the award's inception in 2001. 

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Asset Management

The ITD identified a need to standardize and centralize IT asset tracking. Through the creation of a centralized IT asset procurement process, a central IT asset database, and central inventory monitoring software, the ITD has modernized the purchase and tracking of IT assets across the enterprise.

The ITD has initiated a multi-faceted asset management project for the enterprise. Key components include: 

  • Preparation of a project charter and funding request for review and approval by City administration.  The charter was approved and funding authorized for dedicated team members and the acquisition of a software asset management system. 
  • Appointment of a team dedicated to asset management.  This multi-disciplined team has approached asset management from a process improvement perspective. 
  •  Development and enforcement of centralized software procurement policy.  This policy has not only helped assure responsibility and accountability, but decreased the procurement time cycle and increased departmental satisfaction.   
  • Acquisition of a state-of-the-art IT asset management tool as an integral part of the ITD's process for monitoring important City assets. 

The result has been a coordinated, goal-driven team dedicated to process improvement and asset management. 

Business (project) Improvement Process

As part of the ITD’s strategic service delivery model to enhance City department and business outcomes, a business (project) improvement process was developed to assist departments in acquiring technology that really delivers on business goals, improves efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and generates value to all stakeholders.

This process encompasses transparency, accountability, innovation, civic engagement, citizen orientation and sustainability. These tenets, accompanied by City administration ownership, strong program governance, and internal and external stakeholder involvement, help assure project success, increase stakeholder ownership and place the City in the forefront of innovation.

The benefits of this project approach are:

  • Successful project outcomes through collaboration and partnering;
  • Providing City leadership with greater visibility into project plans and priorities;
  • Cost transparency for project investments;
  • Higher quality IT service delivery through more complete understanding of customer business needs as they relate to technology;
  • Elimination of duplication and redundant technology and solutions based on a City-wide projects perspective;
  • Aligning project decisions and priorities with business outcomes; and,
  • Increasing business satisfaction with IT services.

The ITD strives to be a trusted business partner to City departments and the Tucson community by providing value added services, vision, leadership and skills in all areas of information technology.


The ITD’s server virtualization project has achieved critical mass. Virtualization refers to the simulation of physical servers in a cluster of other computers and storage devices. The advantages of this configuration include more efficient use of power, easier and quicker disaster recovery, consolidation of single use servers, new servers can be added without additional hardware purchases.

The ITD has moved or created over 50 servers in our virtual environment, greatly increasing efficiency and service to our customers. The ITD now has more virtual servers than physical ones.