Customers We Serve

“I am proud to serve with the many talented individuals working in the City of Tucson. Our goal is to help City departments leverage technology to provide efficient and responsive public services. We take our job seriously and continually look at ways to be more cost effective through innovation.”

—Dave Scheuch, Director/Chief Information Officer

Snapshots from Our Customers

Public Safety

The Information Technology Department (ITD) provides services to an array of important City departments. The technology services we provide to our Public Safety customers represent just one example of the important areas the ITD is involved with daily.

"The Tucson Fire Department relies on our technology to provide emergency and non-emergency services to the community. A modern fire department cannot function efficiently without technology."

—Joe Gulotta, Tucson Fire Department Assistant Chief

The ITD team of technology professionals is responsible for an integrated set of highly diverse software applications which support more than 700 employees at the Tucson Fire Department, over 1400 officers and employees in Law Enforcement and 180 employee in the Emergency Management 911 center. The suite of applications supported include;


•Computer Aided Dispatch

•Law Enforcement Investigative Systems

•Law Enforcement Electronic Information Sharing on a National Basis

•Public Safety Reporting

•Emergency Medical Services

•Crime and Fire Prevention

•Fire Inspection, Staffing, Vehicle Maintenance

•Disaster Preparedness and Wireless Field Solutions to aid in their ability to provide service

City of Tucson Public Safety personnel provide 24/7, 365 days a year, mission critical services for our community.

The communication and information needs of Public Safety constantly increase and require the constant addition and improvement of technology.

Prosecutor's Office

“The City Prosecutor’s Office is using technology to increase professional and efficient prosecution of misdemeanor offenders. Without technology and IT’s guidance, our paperless transition would be impossible. Our JustWare software will help us focus attention on case preparation, victim needs and fair application of plea offers to all defendants.”

—Baird S. Greene, Deputy City Attorney

ITD professionals have been key in transitioning the City Prosecutor’s Office from a 1970s style pen and paper file system to a wireless operation based on computerized case management and processing inside the courtroom.

Support has ranged from project initiation and management, to technical consultation, to direct support in installing wireless access points, tablets, scanners and much more.

Additionally, ITD has been instrumental as a liaison with our software provider to make sure that the City is getting the proper technology at the right cost, and in coordinating with our City partners in the Public Defender’s Office, the City Court, and the Tucson Police Department.  With IT’s assistance, we are modernizing City operations for the better.