Applications supports the development and ongoing support both of core City business tools and of citizen access to government information and services. In addition to supporting the City’s software, the City’s main web sites and functions are administered here, supporting visitors, business and citizen activities with the City.

Cable and Telecommunications services provided by the two cable television operators, Cox Communications and Comcast, that offer service to City residents are monitored by the Information Technology Department (IT). Both cable TV operators must comply with customer service standards delineated in their license and in City Code 7A.

E-Government is the umbrella phrase for all the business services that the City offers over the internet. Over time, we hope to provide the ability to conduct almost all business transactions or inquiries with the City via the internet.

Support Services ensures a stable and secure computing and communications environment for city departments and staff by designing and providing reliable data networks, communications networks, data center operations, help desk services, and reliable and cost-effective telephone systems.