What We Do

“Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

The Information Technology Department (ITD) strives to be the best partner to City departments in support of service to the people of the City of Tucson.  The Department goal is to get better each day and make the necessary changes that will have a positive effect on our customers now and in the future.   We are proud to serve the community through the application of technology.

Our support roles . . .


The ITD supports connectivity through miles of fiber, microwave and wireless connections that enable communication for City services related to activities ranging from connectivity to various City buildings to the interoperability of the Public Safety radio communications among regional partners.   We administer datacenters hosting many applications running in a secure and recoverable environment.  We support thousands of desktops and devices along with providing service desk support for City staff.

Information Technology Department Infrastructure Engineering


Whether it is paying the water bill or providing information services for Public Safety, our application support team takes care of the application layer all the way from the point of use to the infrastructure layer.  We provide support for many applications, back-end databases, GIS maps and interfaces that allow seamless functionality for the user. We also manage the web presence and technology that brings information to the end user and allows them to take advantage of City services online. 


We work to bring technology that empowers City staff in support of the public.  We work to bring standards and best practices to promote cost effectiveness.  Our vision is to improve the delivery of technology services that has, in part, been realized through the implementation of a new business improvement process for technology projects.