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City's TreeCycle Program Continues Through Jan. 15

If you still have your once-living Christmas tree, there’s time to recycle it through the City of Tucson’s TreeCycle program. Eight collection sites are open in Tucson and Oro Valley through Monday, Jan. 15.

Please remove all lights, ornaments, decorations, plastic tree bags, and tree stands before bringing your tree to a TreeCycle site. Trees collected are chipped and these items can cause damage to people and equipment.

ICYMI: Transit Fare Changes Now in Effect

Sun Tran, Sun Link, Sun Shuttle, and Sun Van implemented fare changes that went into effect on Jan. 1. However, not all fares are increasing, and cost-saving programs for transit riders using a SunGO Card continue. This is the second phase of a two-part fare change that began on Jan. 1, 2017. The change supports several value-added improvements, such as the Frequent Transit Network and enhancements to bus stops and shelters.

Tucson Homeless Work Program Begins (Video 1/17/17)

Started in December 2016 as a one-year pilot program, the Tucson Homeless Work Program recently entered its second year, thanks to continued support from the City of Tucson, private donors, and donations to the Tucson Change Movement via special parking meters at 18 locations. The program, spearheaded by Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres, gives homeless people an opportunity to earn $10 an hour in cash by joining a day-labor crew working to beautify our streets.

UPDATE: A report presented to the Mayor and Tucson City Council last November shows more than 260 people participated in the program, 109 locations were cleaned (including 65 miles of roadway), more than 51,000 pounds of trash and waste had been cleared, 30 people who participated in the program were housed, and 42 people began working with the Sullivan Jackson Employment team or found other jobs.

Major funding for the program comes from the City of Tucson, Pima County, HSL Properties, Cox Communications, Southwest Gas, Tucson Medical Center, and Walmart. Tucson 12 produced a video about the program shortly after its launch so that viewers can learn more about the Tucson Homeless Work Program as it was first envisioned, and hear how some of the participants planned to spend their money.

Parking Meters Help Homeless (Video 6/14/17)

Specially marked parking meters are allowing people to use change or swipe a debit or credit card to donate to homeless assistance programs. The parking meters are a product of the Tucson Homeless Work Group, led by Ward 5 Tucson City Council Member Richard Fimbres, and are operated by the Tucson Change Movement. The volunteer committee helps fund initiatives and programs aimed at helping end homelessness in Tucson. This video from Tucson 12 show how the program works.

Clean Alleys Make Safe Alleys (Video 8/14/17)

Every day, we enjoy the comfort of knowing our utilities, our modes of communication, and our ability to call 911 will be available when we need them. Clean alleys ensure a swift emergency response when needed. This is where utility companies need your help. Residents are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the alleys behind their homes, from the fence to the middle of the alley, and adjacent sidewalks to the edge of the pavement.

In the Tucson 12 videos below (in English and in Spanish), homeowners get a quick guide on the importance of maintaining their alleys.

Bike Share Comes to Tucson (Video 10/27/17)

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild announced in October that a new transit program was coming to Tucson in November.

The Tugo Bike Share program has 330 bikes in and around downtown and the University of Arizona. The daily rate is $8 for unlimited rides during the day, but the bikes need to be docked every 30 minutes at one of 36 stations to avoid additional fees.

Tugo kiosks accept major credit cards, and users are able to buy daily, monthly, and yearly passes. A cash option also is available through pay stations at participating retailers. The Cyclefinder app also can be used for payment, maps, and other information. Watch the Tucson 12 video to learn more about Tugo.

Tucson Firefighters Get New Safety Gear Thanks to Half-Cent Sales Tax (Video 11/6/17)

The Tucson Fire Department recently received 98 sets of turnout gear as part of the public safety improvements through Proposition 101, now known as Tucson Delivers. Watch the Tucson 12 video to see firefighters thank taxpayers for their support, and learn more about how your tax dollars are being spent.

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  • July – Sun Tran Settlement
  • August – Honors College
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  • October – Domestic Violence Awareness
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