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Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility Initiates Operation Splash

Protecting the traveling public on City streets during Tucson’s summer thunderstorm season is the objective of the Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility’s (DTM) Operation Splash campaign. As weather patterns shift to bring moisture into Tucson, crews from DTM’s Streets Maintenance Division have delivered barricades to hundreds of dip crossings throughout the City.

Mayor Romero Creates Advisory Council on Racial Equity

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero yesterday, June 10, announced the creation of the Mayoral Advisory Council on Racial Equity & Justice. The new body will be comprised of stakeholders and organizers from diverse segments of the Tucson community and will be tasked with identifying and offering policy solutions to address racial, social, and economic inequities within City government and the provision of City services, Romero said.

Please Keep Dangerous Items Out of Your Trash

The Tucson Fire Department responded to a fire at Tank's Speedway Recycling & Landfill Facility this morning, June 11. There is no known cause at this time.

Although this is not a City of Tucson landfill, the City's Environmental and General Services Department (EGSD) wants to remind residents to keep hazardous items out of their trash bins, as the City's Los Reales Landfill has seen a few flare-ups in the last week. The cause of these fires was lithium-ion batteries mixed with hot temperatures.

City Delays Budget Adoption to Allow for More Community Input

The Mayor and Tucson City Council yesterday, June 9, delayed its timetable for adoption of the budget for the next fiscal year to allow more time for the community to provide input.

Changes to how the council holds meetings due to the pandemic have made obtaining public input challenging. The body also wants to add funding for an equity analysis, Climate Action Plan, eight social workers, and a Housing First coordinator.

Mayor and Council to Revisit an Ordinance Dealing with Police and the Public

The Mayor and Tucson City Council is accepting comments on an ordinance it passed on April 21 that prohibits a person from knowingly obstructing or hindering police from their official duties, but does not prohibit recording police in public.

The council will review the ordinance on June 23, saying it needs more community input. Comments can be submitted here.

Essential Parks Employees: Behind the Masks

During this nationwide pandemic, many employees have been given the term "essential." At times like these, parks have been deemed an essential service and important for people's mental and physical well-being.

In the video below, take a look behind the masks of the vital Tucson Parks and Recreation maintenance employees whom you will likely never see, but they are at the park every morning, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, trimming trees, removing graffiti, or addressing a minor repairs.


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