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Crews from Southern Arizona Paving and Construction Co., under contract with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), began work today to improve the roadway conditions on Speedway Boulevard from Main Avenue to Second Avenue, which is just west of Euclid Avenue. The pavement improvement project is part of the $100 million, five-year street bond program - Road Recovery. The Road Recovery program is funded by voter-approved bonds.

Speedway Boulevard : Main Avenue to Second Avenue Resurfacing Project

Crews from Southern Arizona Paving and Construction Co., under contract with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), began work today to improve the roadway conditions on Speedway Boulevard from Main Avenue to Second Avenue, which is just west of Euclid Avenue. The pavement improvement project is part of the $100 million, five-year street bond program - Road Recovery. The Road Recovery program is funded by voter-approved bonds.

NewsNet 08-25-14

INDUSTRY PREDICTS TUCSON TOURISM TO TOP MARKET IN 2015 - Tucson will be the top market for tourism growth in 2015, with a projected 7.1 percent increase, according to a study by Atlanta-based PKF Hospitality Research. That compares to a 2.9 percent growth in demand nationwide. The city has been slower to recover than others in the West and Southwest, said Visit Tucson CEO Brent DeRaad. Local hotels haven’t returned to pre-recession occupancy levels, but they saw a stronger peak season, January through April, compared to the same period last year, he said. In addition, more visitors are coming through Tucson International Airport. Visit Tucson recently launched a new marketing campaign using the slogan “Free Yourself,” which highlights Tucson’s laid-back, free-spirited lifestyle. Visit Tucson also reports tourism accounts for more than $150 million a year in direct tax revenue for Tucson and Pima County. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
TUCSON NAMED TOP 'CARING CITY' -, a real estate website, lists Tucson as the third most-caring city in the United States. The website says it determined the top 100 largest U.S. cities and ranked the top ten according to a number of factors, including student-counselor ratios, charitable donations, pet shelters, homeless services, crime, and Facebook "likes" for charities and causes. Tucson received high scores for pet shelters, homeless services, counseling, and having the fourth-lowest crime rate per 100,000 people.
BABY ELEPHANT Q & A - Dubbed "Tucson's Big Baby" on social media, the new African elephant calf at the Reid Park Zoo is creating a lot of buzz in our community and beyond. Answers to most common questions from the public: She still doesn't have a name yet. She isn't outside on any particular schedule. The baby and her mother, Semba, are bonding well. She is the first elephant ever born at the Reid Park Zoo. And, yes, she was born on the City of Tucson's birthday last Wednesday. For more updated information, the Zoo has a Baby Elephant FAQ posted on its website. You can also follow the calf's progress at the Reid Park Zoo and City of Tucson social media sites (links below).
Reid Park Zoo Flickr page
Reid Park Zoo Twitter
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FARE OPTIONS FOR STREETCAR - There are many fare options available to ride the streetcar. Cash is not accepted on the car, but you can use it at machines at the stops to buy a $4 one-day pass. In addition, you can buy SunGO passes online or at regular Sun Tran merchants. Discount fares are available for certain students, low-income residents, seniors and disabled passengers. University of Arizona faculty, staff, and students can ride streetcar for free, through Sept. 14, if they sign up for a special U-pass. The City of Tucson has a video that tells you everything you need to know about how to ride the streetcar
Cómo viajar video
BECOME A DOCENT AT TUCSON'S TERRITORIAL SITE - The Presidio San Agustín del Tucson Garrison is looking for people who would like to portray 18th Century soldiers. The Garrison includes Catalonian volunteer light infantry, presidio soldiers, and dragoons of Spain - all one-time residents of the walled Tucson community. Located downtown at Washington and Church Streets, the Presidio San Agustín del Tucson is a re-creation of the northeast corner of the original 1775 Spanish presidio. A self-guided tour explains features including a munitions room, torreón (tower), commissary, and living space for soldiers and their families. An open Hohokam pit house is found on site, along with an interpretation of features that came before the Hohokam period. Docent training begins Sept. 6.
The Tucson Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation

Pima County One-Stop Career Center seeking health-care employers for employee training pilot project

The Pima County One-Stop Career Center has funds for health-care employers to participate in a pilot training program aimed at improving employee performance and retention.

One-Stop is offering $24,000 per employer for up to five employers.

The training is for:

NewsNet 08-22-14

TUCSON'S BABY ELEPHANT WEIGHS IN AT 245 POUNDS - The City of Tucson's Reid Park Zoo continues to monitor our first-ever newborn African elephant calf. She came into the world at 10:55 p.m. Wednesday, August 20th, which was also Tucson's 239th birthday. Cameras in the Zoo captured many of the yet-unnamed calf's first moments, such as standing, nursing, and sleeping. The calf stays close to Semba, her 24-year-old mom. At this point, only essential Zoo staff is allowed near the two, allowing them time to bond. Details on when the public can see the baby, and how the naming process will be handled, will be released soon (watch Tucson 12 interview). Until then, the Zoo is offering photos and videos of the new family on its Flickr page. In addition, you can follow the Reid Park Zoo and City of Tucson Facebook and Twitter sites for photos, links, and more information as soon as it becomes available.
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TRAFFIC ALERT: SOUTHBOUND 4TH AVENUE UNDERPASS CLOSURE - With the return of University of Arizona students and the anticipation of heavy traffic in the downtown area, the City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) is not permitting southbound traffic through the 4th Avenue Underpass at 9th Street this weekend, from 7 p.m. - 2 a.m. During the temporary closure, which took effect last night, the Sun Link Streetcar and bicyclists will be allowed to use the southbound travel lane through the underpass, and pedestrians will be allowed to use the sidewalk. TDOT staff recently adjusted the timing of the traffic signals to allow for better traffic flow through the busy Congress/4th/Toole intersection, and engineers will continue to evaluate and monitor travel patterns this weekend. Read the news release.
FOLLOW THE PROGRESS ON THE DOWNTOWN LINKS PROJECT - The City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) have a website to give citizens information and updates on one of the largest transportation projects in Tucson. The $76 million project will result in a four-lane roadway north of the Union Pacific Railroad that will link Barraza-Aviation Parkway and Interstate 10, Broadway Boulevard with 4th Avenue, and downtown with the neighborhoods to the north. Downtown Links also will provide alternate access to downtown, new and safer underpasses and railroad crossings, and improved sidewalks and bike paths.
TUCSON'S 239th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CONTINUES THIS WEEKEND - Even though Tucson's birthday was Wednesday, the celebration continues tomorrow at the Historic Train Depot downtown, 414 N. Toole Ave. The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum on site will host a birthday party from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will help cut the birthday cake at 11 a.m. Both parking and admission to the museum are free.
LEARN TO RECOGNIZE HEART ATTACK SYMPTOMS - It's important to know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack if you ever need to help someone in cardiac arrest. Knowing what to do beyond that point also is necessary. Calling 9-1-1 is a must, but you can help before paramedics arrive. Tucson Fire Department Captain Barrett Baker offers some tips on CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Monsoon Safety

From our friends at the Tucson Fire Department:

During the monsoon season, washes can rise very quickly. Here are some tips for safety:

  • Most flash flood deaths occur in vehicles
  • Moving water 1-2 feet deep will carry away most vehicles and can knock a person off their feet
  • Keep children away from creeks and washes when heavy rain is in the area
  • Be especially careful at night when water depth and road conditions are harder to see




Reid Park Zoo announces that Semba, a 24-year old African Elephant,
successfully delivered a female calf at 10:55pm last night! Both mother
and calf appear to be doing well, but are spending quiet time in the
Click Family Elephant Care Center under the watchful eyes of the
elephant team. This is Semba’s third calf, but the first elephant ever
born at Reid Park Zoo.   Congratulations to the Reid Park Zoo staff.

NewsNet 08-21-14

ELEPHANT CALF BORN AT REID PARK ZOO ON TUCSON'S BIRTHDAY - African elephant Semba gave birth last night to a female calf, and both are doing well. This is Semba's third calf, but the first elephant ever born at the Reid Park Zoo. It's also the only African Elephant birth in any zoo this year. “This birth, literally the largest in the history of the State of Arizona, represents a significant milestone for the Zoo,” said Zoo Administrator Jason Jacobs. “This birth would not have been possible without the vision and partnership of the City of Tucson, Reid Park Zoo, Reid Park Zoological Society, and San Diego Zoo Global.” The first 48-72 hours following the birth are the most essential for Semba and her as-yet-unnamed calf to form a strong physical and emotional bond. Although Semba and the calf are not currently on exhibit, they may be viewable soon on the Zoo Cams between the hours of 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The rest of the herd members will remain on exhibit intermittently throughout the day. Check out the Reid Park Zoo and City of Tucson Facebook and Twitter sites for late-breaking information.
Reid Park Zoo Twitter
Reid Park Zoo Facebook
City of Tucson Facebook
City of Tucson Twitter
TUCSON POLICE PART OF MULTI-AGENCY CRIMINAL STREET GANG ARRESTS - The Tucson Police Department (TPD) joined other agencies in Southern Arizona in serving 16 arrest warrants yesterday at nine Tucson locations. TPD said the Eastside Crips (ESC) is an organized group whose members are suspected of homicides, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, trafficking in firearms, and committing violent crimes. The case was initiated based on information gathered by TPD, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Gang Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission. The case is being prosecuted by the Criminal Division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office in Tucson. Read more on TPD Facebook page.
AN INSIDE VIEW OF THE 2014 TUCSON FIRE ACADEMY - It takes a lot of hard training and plenty of long hours to be a firefighter with the Tucson Fire Department (TFD). To give the public an idea of what that training entails, TFD put together a video of its most recent 21-week training academy, start to finish. The video was produced Capt. Jim Grimes.
TFD Facebook page
FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT SERIES CONCLUDES TOMORROW AT UA - Tomorrow is the final concert in the "Friday Night Live!" series at Main Gate Square at the University of Arizona. Presented by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance, tomorrow's 7 p.m. performance features Jazz saxophonist Kelland Thomas. Main Gate now is easily accessible via the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar.
HOW TO MANAGE HARD WATER AND OTHER TIPS FROM TUCSON WATER - Get tips on how to manage hard water, increase dishwasher efficiency, flush your water heater, check faucet aerators, and more. Information is available in English and Spanish. You can download, print, or request a mailed copy of the tips. You can also learn how to pay your water bill online and stop and start service.

NewsNet 08-20-14

TUCSON FIRE DEPARTMENT PERFORMS ANOTHER SWIFT WATER RESCUE - For the second time in three days, Tucson Fire Department (TFD) personnel performed a swift water rescue, using a fire truck ladder to help a woman trapped in her car in a wash near Broadway and Camino Seco. A single firefighter walked out on the ladder and handed the woman a lifejacket. She was then able to climb out of the window and onto the ladder to walk to safety. The woman was assessed on scene, but did not require medical attention. TFD urges motorists to stay away from flowing washes during thunderstorms, saying moving water 1-2 feet deep will carry away most vehicles. See video of the resuce on TFD Facebook page.

CEREMONY OF FLAGS TO MARK TUCSON'S BIRTHDAY -  The five flags that have flown over Tucson – American, Spanish, Mexican, Confederate, and the State of Arizona – will be presented in a ceremony tonight to celebrate Tucson’s 239th birthday. The Tohono O'odham Nation and Pascua Yaqui Tribe flags also will be presented, as will a replica of the 28-star American flag that was brought by the Mormon Battalion and flown over Tucson in 1846. The celebration begins at 5:30 p.m., with a performance by Mariachi Los Changuitos Feos de Tucson at Presidio San Agustín del Tucson Courtyard (SW corner of Church Avenue and Washington Street). The flag ceremony begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by proclamations and a reading of Hugo O’Conor’s letter designating Tucson as the site of a new presidio. Those attending are encouraged to dress in “period” costumes and sample a piece of Tucson’s birthday cake. Read the news release for more information.

TUCSON AND OTHER CITIES WIN LATEST ELECTION BATTLE AGAINST STATE - An appellate court ruling says the State of Arizona can't make Tucson, Phoenix and other cities move their municipal elections to even-numbered years. Monday's ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals upholds a trial judge's ruling that the 2012 law improperly intrudes on the constitutional authority of charter cities. The State had appealed a 2013 ruling by Judge James Marner of Pima County Superior Court. Cities claim they have the right to set their own elections, while opponents suggest turnout would be greater and cost less if local elections were held at the same time as presidential and gubernatorial elections. There was no immediate response from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office about a possible appeal to the State Supreme Court. Read more from the Arizona Capitol Times and the Associated Press via Tucson News Now.

NEXT WEEK IS DEADLINE TO SUBMIT REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR REDEVELOPMENT OF TRANSIT CENTER - The City of Tucson is looking for a developer for a 4.7-acre site in the heart of downtown (Congress Street and Sixth Avenue) to create a distinctive multi-modal, mixed-use development incorporating a modern transit center. Adjacent to the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar line, the area currently consists of the Ronstadt Transit Center and two surface parking lots. More than $930 million in recent private and public investment - including new restaurants, shops, businesses, and housing - are near the site. Upcoming investments near the area include a grocery store, a new hotel, additional housing, and roadway improvements. The City’s goal is to transform the development site from a single-use transit center into a mixed-use development that contributes to an active, economically-robust downtown. Requests for Proposals are due Aug. 28, 2014. More information is available from the City of Tucson Office of Integrated Planning.

DOWNLOAD APP TO REPORT GRAFFITI IN TUCSON - Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have a smartphone application for reporting graffiti. MyTucson is a free download on the iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android.
Watch a University of Arizona PSA about the app.


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