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Tucson Norte-Sur Public Input

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM) has launched Tucson Norte-Sur: Investing in Resilient Communities + Transit, the equitable Transit-Oriented Development (eTOD) plan for a north-south transit corridor. The Tucson Norte-Sur is a plan for EQUITY along a transit corridor connecting the Tucson Mall to downtown and the Tucson Airport (see map below).

Paul's Note - April 8, 2022

Julius Holt, who was the long-time leader of Tucson Youth Football and an American Youth Football Hall of Famer, passed away Monday morning. 

I had some chats with him about how the city could work with TYF to make the program better for Tucson’s young athletes. His suggestions and help were a big part of the improvements we made to Jesse Owens Park, which have benefitted not only football players, but youth soccer as well. 


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