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Paul's Note - July 29, 2022

Those of you that have come into the office have probably met my staff member Chris Desborough. In addition to his North London accent, you might have noticed that he is visually impaired. He’s done a lot to educate me and the rest of the staff on disability issues. 

Paul's Note - July 22, 2022

My staff is well equipped to handle a variety of issues that constituents ask us about. Is there speeding in your neighborhood? We’ll talk to the police about deploying motor officers. Is there dumping in the wash? We can get in touch with the transportation department. You have a question about what you can get rid of at the next household hazardous waste collection? We can find that out for you. 

Share suggestions for code changes

On June 7, Mayor and Council provided direction to begin code updates to streamline Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) processes.

PDSD is currently collecting input from stakeholders, staff, and the public on potential code changes. It is anticipated those proposed code changes will fall in the following three categories: 

Mayor and Council approve expanded use of Individual Parking Plan, request additional engagement on Electric Vehicle Readiness Requirements

During a July 12 meeting, an updated proposal for changes to commercial parking requirements were presented to Mayor and Council for a public hearing continued from April 19.

The proposed changes included:

Paul's Note - July 15, 2022

City policy makers hear a lot about aging in place. Many older adults do better when they age in a neighborhood with friends and family nearby rather than in situations which tend to isolate them. The needs of citizens aging in place play a big role in recent changes in both housing and zoning policies.

COVID-19 showed many of us how much of an issue isolation can be. Also, living alone can be a challenge as a person gets older and needs to deal with expenses and chores.


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