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Sketching with Tucson Parks and Recreation

Tucson Parks and Recreation is offering virtual opportunities for the public to exercise, create, and learn new skills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Department Director Brent Dennis, also an artist, channeled his inner Bob Ross with a series of short social media videos, including "How to Sketch Trees and Landscapes."

The video is below, along with an Arizona Daily Star story with Dennis about how the pandemic has affected Tucsonans with ties to the world of sports.

Help Name the Baby Elephant at Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo’s elephant calf is more than a week old and ready for a name. Reid Park Zoo and the Arizona Daily Star are joining together to ask the community to vote in a poll to pick the calf's name.

The choices are Mapenzi (meaning beloved), Amani (meaning peace), and Zawadi (meaning gift). The names are all derived from Swahili. The names of the other elephants in the herd (Mabu, Semba, Lungile, Sundzu, and Nandi) also have ties to their native land in Africa. T

Downtown Tucson Partnership Announces Third Round of Bonus Gift Card Program

The Downtown Tucson Partnership (DTP) is stepping up again to infuse cash into the downtown community through the DTP Gift Card Incentive Program. The success of the first two rounds of gift cards led HSL Properties to provide the $10,000 required to fund another 1,000 gift cards with bonuses. This will result in an additional $35,000 invested directly into downtown businesses, bringing the total up to $105,000 in a matter of days.

Update on Baby Elephant

The baby elephant calf at Reid Park Zoo is now a little more than a week old. She has been introduced to the whole herd and is spending lots of time with her mom, Semba, and her sister, Nandi.

The calf has been spending her mornings on habitat and is at times visible on the Zoo Cams. For the best chance to see her on camera, start viewing before 11 a.m. The Zoo will be giving the public an opportunity to vote on the calf's name. Stay tuned for details.


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