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Silverbell Road Improvement Project Progressing

Road crews are working on the Silverbell Road, Goret Road to Grant Road Improvement Project. The City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) will widen that section of Silverbell Road to a curbed four-lane divided roadway (two lanes in each direction), which will include a raised median, bike lanes, a sidewalk on the west side of Silverbell, a multi-use path on the east side of Silverbell, drainage crossing improvements, LED street lighting, signal improvements at the Grant and Goret intersections, bus stop improvements, native landscape, retaining walls at the large slopes, and public art. The Regional Transportation Authority-funded project is expected to take 16 months to complete.

Construction Begins on Fifth Street Bicycle Boulevard

Construction is underway on a new signal to help bicyclists and pedestrians cross Euclid Avenue at Fifth Street. The bicycle and pedestrian crossing is the first phase of the Fifth Street Bicycle Boulevard. Future phases will improve bicycling and walking along Fifth Street, from Seventh Avenue to Old Main, on the University of Arizona campus. The Fifth Street Bicycle Boulevard will limit the speed and volume of motor vehicle traffic while prioritizing the safety, comfort, and convenience of bicyclists and pedestrians.

Summer Safari Nights Program Concludes Tomorrow at Reid Park Zoo

Enjoy Reid Park Zoo and cooler evening temperatures at a themed night featuring different zookeeper chats, animal encounters, artifact stations, enrichment-making activities, crafts, and scavenger hunts. The final event of the summer is tomorrow, 5:30-8 p.m. The theme is Sensational South America – featuring jaguar, capybara, tapir, guanaco, Andean bear, caiman, and more. Tickets can be purchased at the gate or online.

Annexation Beneficial to Neighbors

Becoming part of the City of Tucson has its benefits for those currently on the periphery of city limits, while Tucson also benefits by getting a larger portion of state-shared revenue. With more than 300,000 people living outside of Tucson city limits, that amounts to tens of millions of dollars every year in tax money already paid to the State of Arizona that could be used in our community to help fund police, fire, roads, and parks.

Motorists Driving Less and Improving Air Quality in Pima County

The number of Pima County residents who reported driving alone to work, school, shopping, and for leisure dropped significantly since last year's survey, resulting in more than 8 million fewer miles driven each day. In May and June, FMR Associates Inc. conducted an Internet and telephone survey of 500 random Pima County households to analyze and track the overall effectiveness of the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality’s (PDEQ) Clean Air Program and actions taken to improve to air quality.

City Council Scheduled to Finalize Agreement to Consolidate General Election in November

The Mayor and Tucson City Council voted last month to combine the City General Election with the Pima County Bond Election, projected to save the City of Tucson approximately $100,000. The final Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) is up for a vote tonight. If approved, Pima County would be in control of the General Election.

New Water Rate Schedule in Effect

New water rates approved in May by the Tucson City Council went into effect yesterday, meaning overall monthly rates will increase by $4.13 for the average residential customer. Tucson Water is a self-supporting department of the City of Tucson. Its rates and fees must cover all costs associated with delivering quality water to the 712,000 customers within its service area. Water rates include both fixed costs and charges that are based on the volume of water used.

City Council to Vote on Memorial Supporting JTED

The Mayor and Tucson City Council tonight will vote on a Memorial urging Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona Legislature not to cut funding for Joint Technical Education Districts (JTEDs) that provide career and technical programs for future workers. The Memorial up for consideration says JTED programs are proven to significantly increase test scores, improve high school graduation rates, and move students to careers and college with greater success than any other model of education. The current State of Arizona budget cuts JTEDs by 7.5 percent, or $355 per student.

Tucson Ranks High on Best Cities for Recreation List

Tucson ranks No. 11 on WalletHub's list of "2015's Best and Worst Cities for Recreation." The list of 100 cities highlights the benefits of public spaces and recreational activities using 27 key metrics, including basic costs, quality of parks, accessibility of entertainment and recreational facilities, and climate. Tucson ranked 25th for entertainment and recreational facilities, 32nd for costs, 59th for quality of parks, and 16th for climate. Do you have a question about City of Tucson Parks and Recreation?

Tucson Electric Power Issues Scam Warning to Customers

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is warning its customers about a continuing scam involving threats to turn off electricity at a customer's home. The scam involves a phone call from someone claiming to work for TEP demanding the purchase of a money card within an hour to avoid a power disconnection, the utility said. If you have a question about the status of your bill, call TEP's customer service line at (520) 623-7711.

Traffic Alert - North Rillito Interceptor Project

This is a series of traffic alerts that will be issued throughout the construction of the North Rillito Interceptor (NRI) Sewer Rehabilitation Project. These alerts will announce construction, detour and street closure information as it affects residents, businesses and traffic within the area. The 10-mile long NRI project is being completed in phases; the current phase is bounded on the north by River Road, the south by the Rillito River, the east by Craycroft Road and the west by Swan Road.

Nogales Highway - Los Reales Road to Irvington Road Resurfacing Project

On Monday, July 6, 2015, crews from Sunland Asphalt, under contract with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), will begin work to improve the pavement conditions on Nogales Highway from Los Reales Road to Irvington Road.

Crews will begin the project with the lowering of manhole covers and water valve covers. Lowering the utility covers is scheduled to be complete by Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Work will take place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Owners of Lost Pets at Pima County's Animal Shelter Can Avoid Boarding Fees This Week

Fourth of July fireworks always bring plenty of lost animals to Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), and the days after the holiday typically are the busiest days at the shelter. To encourage pet owners to claim their lost pets, PACC is waiving all boarding fees today through Saturday for pet owners who agree to let the shelter spay or neuter their pets. While pet owners will not be required to pay for the surgery, they will be required to pay any applicable fees and late fees associated with the annual license if their pets don't have a valid license.


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