84-Inch Water Main Problems Detected by Monitoring System

Fiber optic monitoring systems inside large diameter pipelines designed to notify Tucson Water of conditions that could lead to failure served their purpose once again. Monitors recently detected a series of events on a segment of 84-inch diameter pipe that indicate a potential weakening of the pipe structure along a transmission main that moves water from a reservoir near Starr Pass into eastern parts of the city. The weakened segment of pipe is located on San Marcos Boulevard between Mission Road and Greasewood Road and delivers Colorado River water extracted from the Clearwater Facilities in Avra Valley.

Starting tomorrow, Tucson Water will be taking steps to isolate the affected segment of pipe to allow maintenance crews access to inspect and repair the pipe. In order to supply water to customers while the pipe is being repaired, groundwater wells in Central Tucson will be turned on to meet customer demands. Customers may notice more air in their water during the transition, resulting in water having a temporary white or milky appearance. This is normal under these circumstances, and does not present any health risk.

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