Arizona Supreme Court Sets Date for Arguments in Tucson Gun Case

The Arizona Supreme Court says it will hold a full hearing on a complaint filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich that contends Tucson is illegally destroying seized guns instead of selling them. The order from the high court calls for full arguments to be held Feb. 28.

The justices could decide if a new Arizona law withholding state funds from cities if they enact laws conflicting with state laws is constitutional. Tucson says it can destroy seized guns and that the 2016 law unconstitutionally infringes on local rights. Brnovich says the gun policy may violate the law, and he wants the high court to decide.

The court also will consider whether it can order state money withheld and whether Tucson must post a bond to continue fighting the case.

However, the Court specifically deferred its decision on whether it will accept jurisdiction over this case, meaning that even after the parties provide the briefs and oral arguments, the Court could choose not to issue a decision and let the matter play out in the lower courts.

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