Auto Dealers Sign Pre-Annexation Agreement

Several high-end auto dealerships along Wetmore Road, just outside of the Tucson Auto Mall, have signed an agreement to move into the City of Tucson and pay the 2 percent City sales tax. As part of the agreement, which still requires Mayor and City Council approval, the dealers would be reimbursed a portion of the sales tax for 10 years to help them pay for training, college tuition, and workforce development.

"The City of Tucson was interested in giving back to them," said Mike Czechowski, annexation project manager. "Not only to the general managers and to the car dealerships, but to the staff. That was really intriguing to them and they have been embracing it."

The deal would bring about $20 million in new taxes to the City, Czechowski said. The City still needs collect another half-dozen signatures to go forward with the annexation.

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