Bicycle Boulevards Community Input Events

The City of Tucson Transportation Department is planning two bicycle and pedestrian safety improvement projects. The Third Street and Treat Avenue Bicycle Boulevard projects will use neighborhood streets to expand the low-stress biking network citywide by creating north/south and east/west routes to jobs, neighborhood destinations, schools, and parks.

Community input events are taking place to present information and receive input. The next event will be Saturday, Oct. 19, 5-8 p.m., at Swanway Park, 4800 E. First St. The evening will include free bike repair, a bike-in movie, and ice cream.

These projects are part of the voter-approved Proposition 407 Tucson Delivers Parks and Connections program, which helps fund improvements to parks and construction of new bicycle and pedestrian routes. For more information, contact Ryan Fagan at or (520) 837-6699.