Bond Oversight Commission's Annual Report on Roads Released

The latest annual report for the Road Recovery bond program shows the 3-year-old plan is ahead of schedule and exceeding initial budget expectations. The Bond Oversight Commission (BOC) oversees the $100 million, 5-year program that voters approved as Proposition 409 in 2012.

As a result of the Tucson Department of Transportation's (TDOT) conservative road repair estimates and a favorable bidding environment resulting from lower material costs and falling gas prices, the arterial road mileage repairs authorized by the bond package are now estimated to cost about $60 million.

As a result, the BOC recommended, and the Mayor and Council unanimously adopted, an allocation of the extra $40 million in bonded revenue to be spent on an expanded list of arterial and residential road repairs. With the additional capacity, TDOT added 550 lane miles to the program, resulting in roadway improvements to about 45 more roadway segments.