City Seeking Members for Environmental Services Advisory Committee

The City of Tucson is looking for six residents to serve on the Environmental Services Advisory Committee (ESAC). The committee advises the Mayor and Tucson City Council on all Environmental Services department programs and services, including rate structures, recycling issues, and environmental protection.

Volunteers with experience in utility rate-making, business management, environmental engineering, neighborhood issues, and related fields are preferred. City of Tucson employees are not eligible to serve on ESAC.

The uncompensated members are appointed by the mayor and each member of the Tucson City Council. Additionally, the city manager nominates six members for final approval by the Mayor and Council. Council appointees serve terms concurrent with the council member, and those appointed by the city manager serve four-year terms.

Please submit a letter of interest to the City Manager’s Office, Attn: Robert Rappaport, 255 W. Alameda St., P.O. Box 27210, Tucson, AZ, 85726-7210, or email