City of Tucson Could Continue to Provide Trash and Recycling Services to South Tucson

About 1,300 residents of the 1.2-square-mile City of South Tucson would get their trash and recycling collected by the City of Tucson's Environmental Services department under an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) up for adoption tonight by the Mayor and Tucson City Council. Tucson has been providing service on an emergency basis after Waste Management stopped service last fall following a dispute over unpaid bills to the private company, but Tucson would become the official service provider as of April 1.

If the IGA is approved, residents of South Tucson would pay $18.26 a month for the once-a-week curbside collection, and there would be discounts offered to low-income residents. Brush and Bulky collection is not part of the contract.

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