City of Tucson Gets Another Chance to Defend Elections System

A full panel of judges will reconsider a challenge to Tucson's system of elections after a three-member panel last year ruled the hybrid of ward-only primaries and citywide general elections is unconstitutional. The City asked the court to reconsider the case with a panel of 11 judges, and that request was approved yesterday. The larger panel of judges will rehear the case, reviewing the same briefs as the smaller panel. They also will hear oral arguments the week of June 20 in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Tucson voters could get a say in whether to change the election system. The Tucson City Council will hold a public hearing on May 3 on a draft ballot question to change all elections to a ward-only system. That means you’d get to vote only for the council member who represents the ward in which you live.

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