City of Tucson Receives Federal Grant for Low- or No-Emission Transit

The City of Tucson recently received a $2.6 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to purchase electric buses and charging infrastructure. Tucson is one of 38 cities that were awarded the grant and the only recipient in Arizona.

Gillig, one of the largest bus manufacturers in the United State, partnered with the City of Tucson for the grant and is beginning production of their first-ever electric buses, following four years of development. The grant will pay for at least three, 40-foot-long electric buses to replace the biodiesel buses in the Sun Tran fleet.

The City plans to test an electric bus during a one-year leasing deal in the fall. After the arrival of the leased electric bus, the City will order the additional electric vehicles. From the time of order, the electric vehicles will arrive within 12 months.