City of Tucson to Update Building Codes

The Mayor and Tucson City Council is getting ready to update and adopt the 2018 building codes. A public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 9. Any active permits, plans under review, and model plans that have been issued will not be affected.

Once a plan is submitted to Planning and Development Services, the review is based on the regulations that were in effect the day it was received. When the new codes take effect on Jan. 1, 2019, any new submittal must be designed according to the new regulations. There will be a grace period between the time that Mayor and Council adopts the ordinance and Jan. 1, where either the 2012 or 2018 editions of the codes may be used.

The biggest impact on plan review will be model plans. A model plan may be issued for homes that will be constructed multiple times based on the same set of drawings. They are valid for one year and may be renewed twice. However, when the codes change, a model plan approved under the previous code cycle may not be renewed. New building permits may continue to be issued from a model until its regular expiration date and then a new model must be reviewed and issued.