City Voters Choose First Latina Mayor and Three Tucson City Council Members

Tucson voters yesterday elected Democrat Regina Romero as the city's new mayor. The current Ward 1 Council Member will replace retiring incumbent Jonathan Rothschild and become Tucson's first Latina mayor.

Voters also selected Democrat Lane Santa Cruz as the new Tucson City Council Member in Ward 1 to succeed Romero, re-elected Paul Cunningham in Ward 2, and selected Democrat Nikki Lee to take over for the retiring Shirley Scott in Ward 4. The winners will all take their oaths of office on Dec. 2.

Voters also rejected Proposition 205, a sanctuary measure that would have prohibited the Tucson Police Department from participating in any law enforcement activity to determine a person's immigration status. Voters also defeated a ballot measure to give a raise to members of the Mayor and Tucson City Council. Read the unofficial election results.