City's FoodCycle Program Turns Food Scraps in Compost

Food scraps represent a significant portion of Tucson’s organic waste, and the City of Tucson's FoodCycle Program is putting the scraps to good use, including generating more food.

The full-service composting program operated by Tucson's Environmental Services (ES) department, the University of Arizona Compost Cats, and the San Xavier Co-op Farm collects food scraps from commercial restaurants and stores and turns them into mature compost that can be used by home gardeners, farms and landscapers.

Any food store, restaurant, or grocer within Tucson City limits can sign up for the fee-based service and have ES collect the scraps. The cost depends on the number of containers needed and the frequency of collection. ES empties the containers once or twice a week and takes the food scraps to the San Xavier Cooperative farm on the Tohono O’odham Nation where they are mixed with green waste and turned into compost. The compost is then sold at area farmers’ markets.

For more information, please call (520) 791-3171.