Development Group Plans to Invest Millions on City's South Side

The Common Group says it plans to invest $20 million into rehabilitating distressed commercial buildings on the south and southwest sides of Tucson, converting them into stores and restaurants. With four projects already completed, the development company's 10-year plan includes building more small businesses on a side of town it believes has been overlooked.

The four founders of the company (Jesus Bonillas Jr., Guillermo Gallegos, Chris Itule, and Ruben Cazares) grew up and live on the city's south side and consider the area ripe for business development.

Most of the recent development in the area stems from the success of the Spectrum Mall on West Irvington Road and Interstate 19. More than 30 national retailers, including J.C. Penney and Pizza Hut, report their highest sales in the state come from stores on Tucson's south side.

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